Xbox Game Pass April 2023 Wave Announced: Redfall, Minecraft Legends, Medieval Dynasty, and More

Xbox Game Pass April 2023 Wave Announced: Redfall, Minecraft Legends, Medieval Dynasty, and More

Xbox Game Pass is adding seven new games during the second half of April, leading into May, with redfall arriving as a day one title. In it, you are transported to the titular island city to thwart a legion of vampires who have blocked out the sun, isolating the citizens from the outside world. redfall it can be played in both solo and co-op modes, though developer Arkane is looking to remove the always-online requirement for the former. It will be released on May 1st for PC, Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Series S/X. Meanwhile, Minecraft Legends is now available on Game Pass, putting you in the shoes of a sworn warrior as you wage war against the adorable piglins that threaten to corrupt the Overworld. The game is very strategy-focused, requiring you to gather resources and gather mobs to perform your tasks – be it battles, building structures or participating in PvP battles.

Take some of those survival skills to Medieval Dynasty, coming to Xbox One on April 20th. (Already available on PC and Xbox Series S/X.) Play as a young man in early Middle Ages Europe who has fled war and seeks to change his fate. In a land ruled by nobles and clerics, the game has you playing through an entire saga, starting from a poor and inexperienced peasant to becoming a master of many skills, where you defend yourself against wild animals, gather resources to build settlements, and finally become the founder of a prosperous dynasty.

This farming simulation trend continues in Homestead Arcana, where you play as a witch and pioneer a new range that has been corrupted by a mysterious Miasma. Build your estate from the ground up, discover plants and care for them in order to heal and rejuvenate the land of your affliction. Homestead Arcana launches on April 21 for PC, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Xbox Series S/X.

Immerse yourself in a Lovecraftian realm of secret organizations and forbidden rituals in The Last Case of Benedict Fox, a Metroidvania where you explore the memories of the recently deceased to uncover clues. The titular protagonist is bonded to an unholy demonic companion that allows him to perform elaborate feats such as solving puzzles and battling traumas that have taken physical form in surreal worlds. Perform unique combos – switching between your firearms, knives and tentacles that protrude from your body – to destroy fiendish foes when the game launches April 27th on PC and Xbox consoles.

Cassette Beasts plays at the same pace as Pokemon in the sense that you collect monsters and engage in turn-based combat in this open-world RPG. Only here, you transform into these creatures yourself after recording monsters on your retro cassette tapes and using their powers in battle. Cassette Beasts will be released on April 26 on PC. Then there’s BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Special Edition, where you create a cross tag team with a beloved cast from franchises like Persona, Under Night In-Birth, RWBY, and honestly, to brawl in arena matches. It launches on April 27th on cloud, console, and PC.

With that, here’s a list of all the new games coming to Xbox Game Pass, starting April 18th:

April 18 (available now)
Minecraft Legends — PC, Cloud, and Console

April 19th
Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly — PC, Cloud, and Console

April 20th
Medieval Dynasty — Xbox One

April 21st
Homestead Arcana — PC, Cloud, Xbox Series S/X

April 26
Beasts on Cassette — PC

April 27th
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Special Edition — PC, Cloud, and Console
The Last Case of Benedict Fox — PC and Console

1st May
redfall — PC, Cloud, and Xbox Series S/X

Additionally, Microsoft has confirmed that some titles are leaving the service. On April 30th, you can say goodbye to Bugsnax, Destroy All Humans!, Dragon Quest Builders 2, Tetris Effect Connected, and Unsouled. As usual, before they disappear from the service, you can choose to buy them for 20% off.

Earlier this month, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription codes finally became available at retail in India. Digital codes are available at MRP — Rs. 499 for a month subscription and Rs. 1,499 for three months, on Amazon India. Buying codes from Amazon is also cheaper as compared to official Microsoft website as no additional taxes are charged.

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