What is Google Rankbrain? Why it is important for your Website Growth

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RankBrain is a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that is used by the Google to its search results. And it provides more relevant results then humans.

Google started Rankbrain in April 2015 but it was officially introduced to the world on 26 October, 2015. Here in this article we will describe what is google rankbrain?

Rankbrain is called as the 3rd most important ranking factor after content and backlinks.

what is Google rankbrain?

Google said that RankBrain is one of the hundreds of things Google uses to determine search engine results.

Now if you want to rank your website on the top pages of Google search then you have to optimize your website according to Rankbrain. And its importance is increasing day by day.

After the introduction of rankbrain many people said that SEO dead now.

But Google itself said that seo will work in the same way, it is a just a Google search ranking factor.

Google uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to filter Google search results and website rankings.

RankBrain is machine learning and AI technology that independently learns from queries to give results. It is technology which reacts according to the user and any different queries come it learns from them and in future provides better results.

In this article you will learn about rankbrain. the second most important factor of a successful website is backlinks.

If you want to know what are backlinks and why they are important for seo?

If you want to know the 12 best ways to get quality backlinks to your website then you can click on this link.

RankBrain is part of Google’s Hummingbird search algorithm?

Hummingbird is the overall search algorithm of Google and Rankbrain is the part of this algorithm. Google is using lot of algorithm to perform its task. And search related are done by hummingbird algorithm, and Rankbrain is the part of it.

Hummingbird is Google search algorithm; it is a algorithm which Google use to sort through the million of web page as the best result for the keyword.

Rankbrain is a part of hummingbird algorithm.

Hummingbird is like a house and rankbrain is like a room in it.

Here is a crazy thing about Rankbrain

One day Google did a test between Google engineers and the Rankbrain, and you would be surprise to see the results that Rankbrain perform better then Google engineer.

The accuracy of Google engineers were 70% and Rankbrain has accuracy of 80%. Here you can understand the performance and accuracy of AI (artificial intelligence).

This result is showing that artificial intelligence can perform better than human. This system reduces the human need in ranking system of Google.

Before introduction of RankBrain, all 100% of Google’s algorithm was hand-coded. And it long times to perform the task, but after Rankbrain all the task are made easy and fast.

Still Google engineers work on algorithm but most complicate searches are performing by Rankbrain. It silently does its work and makes working properly and quickly.

What is artificial intelligence?

Now a day we are listening about artificial intelligence, there are lots of rumors in the world that scientists should shop working on artificial intelligence because it can be dangerous for human species in future.

Now scientists are making machine to work like human beings, where they can understand things and perform according to the environment. It is making the machine smart so they can perform without need of human.

Artificial intelligence is used in different places, they are used Reasoning, problem solving etc.

Google is also using the AI for performing the searching task because it is faster and more reliable than humans. Now we can see AI is introduced in mobile phone also which make their performance better.

Artificial intelligence helps us to get 10 times faster and more reliable results.

Machine learning is very beneficial for us because it understands the concept and reacts according to that.

If you want to search something new on Google it makes sense according to it artificial intelligence and gives most appropriate results. In this no human interface is important because it can make changes according to the needs.

Do you think artificial intelligence is important?

In my opening, it would be best for the user experience. We can say that Google likes to use machine learning to perform its searches, because they are best for user experience.

Machine learning or artificial intelligence can provide the best results for the user experience and if your content or keywords are not matching with user interest then your website will be no more on Google top pages.

Now understand how Rankbrain work

  main works of Rankbrain.

  • Understand search queries
  • RankBrain Measures User Satisfaction

How Rankbrain understand the keyword user type to search

Before hummingbird algorithm all the searches and coding were done by Google scientists and they face lot of problems.

15% of the keywords that user type in Google search were new to Google.

Before rankbrain Google have to scan all the pages and try to find out exact same keyword which someone has searched.

As these keywords were new to Google, so they don’t have clue what to show to the person and in this situation they guess and show the results.

First thing come in our mind that how Google find out the best result for our search you should read this article by Google open source blog

First thing for Rankbrain is to understand what the person is searching and according to that show the results. People can search anything on Google with different meaning, and Rankbrain will understand the concept and react according to that and give the results.

For example a person search first person to moon and mars

Rankbrain will understand each keyword in this sentence and make a concept. And according to that show the results.

In this image you can see the person search in Google search and Google is showing 40 million results in less than second. The results shown are relevant to the search.

Google Rankbrain artificial intelligence understands each word and shows the most appropriate results to the user.

In the search user ask about first person to moon and person to mars and the results shown are showing both the results in Google search. On the top website it is showing result according to first person on mars. And in second website it is telling about Neil Armstong first person land on moon.

Rankbrain can give the results from most unrelated searches, which results are very hard for human beings.

How RankBrain understand User Satisfaction?


As we know Rankbrain uses the artificial intelligence to perform its tasks. Rankbrain understand the keyword search and provide best results according to that.

Rankbrain  looks at many things like website domain authority, backlinks, https secure, content and many more things before showing results.

And another important thing is how Rankbrian know that results shown are best or not, for that it measures the user reaction to the content.

Rankbrain show you a number of results which are best according to that keyword. If users like a particular website then Google will boost its ranking.

In this Rankbrain measure the user’s reactions to the results, if a website is not liked by most of users then its ranking will drop down.

Rankbrain look at user experience signals (UX signals)

  • click-through rate
  • Dwell Time
  • Bounce Rate

Rankbrain measure the user reaction to the Google search

  • Click through rate

    The click through rate (CTR) of a page is determined by the number of users click on your website link in the search engine result page. It is very simple if more people click on your website link as compare to other, then Google will think your website is more relevant for the keyword.

    Google will think that your website is fit for the result.High CTR results in higher rankings, as Google want to show best results on first pages.

It is clear that higher click through rate higher will be the ranking.

Rankbrain calculate all the user experience on the searches and if it finds that any website is not getting sufficient amount of CTR then it will remove that website. And next time anybody search for that keyword it will show better website then before.

  • Dwell time

    It is the time that passes between the moment you click a search result and after that return back to the SERPs.

For example if we search what is seo on Google search

Then it will show lot of searches and we click on first link. And spend around 4 minutes in reading the post, that 4 minutes is dwell time.

Google top rank websites have Dwell time of around 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

Rankbrain monitor that how much time users are spending on a website and according to that it keep changing the ranking of WebPages on Google search.

Google think that if users are spending more time on a website, then that website have good and related content to the search.

So it is advice to make a content which sticks the users on your website. It should be around 1900 words, because in a survey it is completely explained that first page website has around 1900 words.

The information provide should be informative with good images and if you can provide graphs that are valiant good

  • Bounce Rate

    The meaning of “bounce” when someone visits your website and leaves without interacting further with your website. Your bounce rate shows you the percentage of your visitors who bounce off of your site.

Google Analytics thinks that a visitor should interact with your site, if they find this informative for them.

How you can decrease your bounce rate?

  1. Put your main points on the top

When anybody search on Google about anything then he want his answer quickly. He will not go through your whole content.

So I say that give your main answer on the top so that user find his answer on top. And he further wants more information than he can go through your whole topic.

  1. Use short introduction

Another factor is to use short introduction to your topics because people prefer to read short paragraph instead of long.

Introduction should of maximum 8 to 10 sentences only. It will keep your user to understand properly.

After lot of survey it is clear that use informative and short paragraphs.

  In-Depth Content, write in detail

The important thing to decrease your bounce rate is to write a detailed topic so that user spends time on it.

Longer content = Better ranking

We know that reading a 3000 words topic takes more time then reading 500 words.

So it is suggested that write in depth and give complete information about that topic.

If you make your content best for the user experience then your traffic will defiantly increase.

Keyword research in Rankbrain (artificial intelligence) world

Now Rankbrain can understand intend behind your every keyword and give results according to that. If you don’t finding the intent behind your keyword then you must wasting your time and money both.

Optimize your Medium Tail Keywords

Many researches have said that now time has gone of long tail keywords after the introduction of Rankbrain.

Now you should word on medium tail keywords as they perform better

When you optimize your Webpage according to medium tail keywords and make your website attractive, Rankbrain will rank on that keyword and also with similar keywords.

Here are the tips for making your website successful


  •  Make Your Content informative
  • Try to make your website a brand
  • Write in depth instead of short content
  • Find Your Target Audience
  • Gain Authority Links with Guest Posting
  • Optimize Your Headlines to make attractive
  •  Post on your blog daily
  • Social sharing should be easily done by your website
  • Work on Your Keyword Research
  • Make content which remain in trends and evergreen

How to get traffic on website?

For a new blogger you should share you post on social media.

Now from a young boy to a old man uses social media so you can easily target your audience.

Paid advertisement are very cheap as anybody can afford. So you can promote your website from there





Google plus

Email marketing


After experiencing all the things we can say that Rankbrain will be one of the most important ranking factors.

In future we will be using artificial intelligence for many works.

Google is giving priority to machine learning and making the complex work simple.

Rankbrain is the 3rd most important factor and in my opinion its importance will increase in future.

Rankbrain knows which content is better for the user. So you should optimize your content according to Google Rankbrain.

Make your content or optimize your keyword in such a way, that they can be search on Google first pages.

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