What is Backlink And Why it is Important For Seo?

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Here in this article we will learn what are backlinks and how to make them. How they are important for your website. Here you will get detail information about it and what are the easiest ways to create them.

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What is backlink?

Backlinks are links from one website to another website.

what are backlinks

Why backlinks are important?

  1. Backlinks help Google and other search engines to decide which website should rank higher for a particular keyword.
  2. Backlinks helps you to increase visitors through referral traffic.
  3. Backlinks help Google and other search engines find your pages faster.

If a website have more backlinks, It means that Google show more trust in your website. More backlinks for a website means more trust worthy website for search engines. So it is vary important to know what are backlinks.

Backlinks increase the domain authority of a website. There are 2 things which show how powerful a website is that are domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA). This matrix is introduced by MOZ which ranks a website in a meter from 0 to 100. Higher DA means more powerful website and more chances of ranking higher.

But not all backlinks are valuable equally

What makes a backlink high quality?

here in this post 12 best ways to get quality backlinks in 2020 are given.

  • Relevant website: most of the expert said that always try to make backlinks from a website which is of your niche. For ex you have website on health products. And you make backlinks from 2 website one from tech website and other one is from health benefits website then the backlink made through health benefits website is high quality. So you should always try to make backlinks from your relevant website.
  • Authority of backlink: authority of website means how powerful a website is. Taking a backlinks from a high autohoriy website is far more better then taking a backlink from a low authority website. For ex- getting a backlink from a news website which have DA 90 is far more valuable than getting a backlink from a new website which DA 10.

In the image you can see the authority of a website is shown. This website have a domain authority of 87.

How to check backlinks for free?

Google search console: you can use Google search console free of cost. You just sign in Google search console and add your website. Click on add property. After that you click on links and it will show you all the links you are getting from other websites.

Ahrefs: It is the most popular tool used by most of blogger. It can help you many ways. You can check you domain rating in this. You can also check the backlinks pointing your website. You can also find the backlinks made by you competitor.

Moz: It is also a very popular seo tool. Moz introduced a matrix which determines how powerful your website is. It shows the authority of a website by checking that website links. More powerful a website has links higher the domain authority.

Ubersuggest: it is a free seo tool introduced by neil patel. You can check your website score in it. You can also check the links on your website. You can also keyword of your website and on which pages they are ranking.

SEMruch: it is one the most power tool which is becoming popular day by day. This tool can help you in all seo strategies. You can find backlinks on your website. Your competitor backlinks, keyword research and on which pages your website keywords are ranking.

How to get more backlinks?

There are 3 ways of getting backlinks

  1. Earn backlinks
  2. Creating backlinks
  3. Building links

Earn backlink: earning a backlink means when other person gives you link on his website. When your website become older or you have high domain authority and you are getting lot of traffic and people trust you.

When the above things happen then you start getting backlinks on your own. People start linking your website for proving their points.

Creating backlinks: when you create backlinks for your website though various methods. You can create backlinks through

  • Forum posting
  • Social bookmarking
  • Directories
  • Blog comments
  • Giving answers on website like quora

Building links: this is usually done through strategies collectively known as link building. You can build links by reaching out to site owners, editors, or webmasters and ask them to link to your page.

As a general rule of backlinks, “the easier it is to get a link, the less valuable it will be”

You should always try to make backlinks for your website. As it is one of the top 3 ranking factor. If strong links are pointing towards your website then there are more chances of ranking your articles on the top pages of Google search results. Always try to make backlinks in a legal ways, never try to do spam. As Google identify your website and panelize your website.

There are some website who sells backlinks, you should never buy backlinks from them. It can be harmful for your website. So always try to make backlinks in natural way.

Google consider more than 200 things while ranking a post, so you cannot totally depends on backlinks. We can consider it is one of the most important factors. There are many other important like website speed, bounce rate, dwell time, website responsive design.

So you should make backlinks but look on other factors also. And one of the most important things is content on your website. Content is king for a website. If you are making backlinks but your content is not good, then also Google will not rank your article. 

If you want to know best ways to make backlinks then you can read our other articles. in this article you will come to know about 12 best ways to get quality backlinks for your website


All ways try to make natural and your website niche related backlinks. If you don’t follow the right way then Google can blacklist your website and your website will never rank in future.

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