What are Backlinks and why they are beneficial in SEO?

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In this article we will tell what are backlinks and why they are important for your website SEO. Here you will get complete information about backlinks, its type and the ways through which you can make backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

Backlink is a link from other website to your website. These are incoming links to a website.

Backlinks are most important factor of search engine optimization.

If a person wants to promote a website or rank his website then he has to look at all the Seo factor. And Backlinks are one of them.

what are backlinks

For a beginner it is very hard to understand about backlinks. But as he starts working on backlinks, it becomes easy task for him.

When another website provides a link to my website then that will be a backlink for my website. It is consider as the most important ranking factor on all the search engines.

Why You Need Backlinks to Rank

Google always make changes in its algorithms. But one thing which remains important is backlinks.

And Google has confirmed that links remain one of their three most important search engine ranking signals.

Google uses backlinks as a voting system. If a website is giving backinks to another website then it means that it is trusting on that website.

It means, more backlinks on a website and Google will think that that website have useful, and valuable information. And will rank that website higher.

Types of Backlinks

There are two types of Backlinks

  • Nofollow Backlinks
  • Dofollow Backlinks
Types of backlinks

Nofollow backlinks

A nofollow link is a link which doesn’t count as a point to boost pagerank. Nofollow Backlink doesn’t have any value and it can’t help you to increase your ranking in SERP.

A nofollow link is created with the nofollow link HTML tag, and it looks like this-

<a href=”http://www.example.com/” rel=”nofollow”>Link Text</a>

Nofollow tag is a sign for search engine that “don’t count it”. It is clearly indicating that nofollow Backlinks have no value.

Now 2 new types of backlinks are added with nofollow backlinks

UGC links- ugc links are user generated content and these links are made by user to increase their backlinks and authority of their domains

anchor text for ugc links is <a href”https://example.com” rel=”ugc”>keyword</a>

Sponsored links- these links are used for paid and sponsored things. It may also include affiliate links in it.

anchor text for sponsored links is <a href”https://example.com” rel=”sponsored”>keyword</a>

Dofollow backlinks

Dofollow links are links which counts as a point for Google Seo. These links provide a juice and boost your page rank. It helps the website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERP).

Dofollow links is directly from the page position in search results. However, too many Dofollow links from a single website may be considered as spam by Google.

However both links are beneficial for the promotion of a website.

backlinks juice

Advantages of backlinks

Google launched the penguin algorithm in April 2012 to check the backlinks of websites. This algorithm helps Google to find out the websites which were using bad links to rank their website higher in Google search.

Before 2012 people use to buy backlinks and in this way they easily rank their website. To overcome this problem Google introduce penguin algorithm to identify those websites.

Websites which were using black hat seo technique to artificial rank their website higher in search engines, were degrade and removed by Google from SERP. Since then many updates have come in penguin algorithm, now 4.0 version is going on.

Many times google have announced that backlink is one of the top 3 search engine ranking factors.

Search engine ranking

Backlink is one of the important ranking factors. It helps your website to rank higher in Google search. Backlinks are one of the main source of bringing traffic or in other words “organic ranking’ to the website.

If your website has high quality backlinks from high authority website then ranking of your website will defiantly increase.

Always try to have backlinks from websites related to your websites. They should be relevant. For example if your website is on travelling then try to have backlinks of travelling websites.

And if you do like and increase your do follow links, then Google will improve your ranking on your targeted keywords.

Increase Google Crawling and indexing

SEO is very vast and to understand SEO, we must know some basic things.

2 of them are Google Crawling and Indexing

First we should understand, what is crawling and indexing?


Google track your website with Google spider crawler, its motive is to deep scan of your website.

This is the reason why we should make site map of our website. Site map help crawler to look deeply in the website.


After completion of crawling, your website will be index in Google search results.

If you make a new website, it is important for you to get backlinks as they help your website to index more effectively.

Increase Domain Authority

Increase domain authority (DA)

When somebody searches on Google search for a particular topic, then the main thing Google see while showing search results is Domain Authority of a website. Domain authority is a tool made by Moz.

This tool is used by Google to determine the ranking of WebPages on Google search results for a particular search.

Domain authority of a website is determined by the backlinks on the website. If a website have backlinks of popular website or from university and government website then that website have high domain authority.

Build relationships

Building links with one website to another website make good relation with each other. It can be helpful for both in future. If both websites are working on same topic then it can be beneficial for both of them.

You can make relationship with your category industry. And it makes your website must trusted and worth in that category.

Referral traffic

One of the major advantages of links is that they provide referral traffic.

If you interlink your website post then it can increase your traffic.

For example – if you are a user and visit a website and reading something about a topic and you want more information about that topic and you found a link related to your need then there are more chances of clicking on that link also.

It decreases your bounce rate and increases your Google rank.

Types of backlinks on creating

Best category

These are the best ways to create backlinks

Niche Directories

If you make backlinks in your niche directories then it will put great impact on your ranking.

Many times Google has announced that it is very important to make backlinks from your niche websites

Guest blogging

It is one of the best way to get backlinks from other blogger. These links are more relevant and can increase your website DA and PA. you should always try to make backlinks with guest posting.

Journalist backlinks

You can also get backlinks from journalist. You can insist the editors to give them a links. The news website have DA of 90 and above. So if you get links from news websites then it can be very helpful gor your webstie.

Good category

In this you can make backlinks by following steps

Header and footer links

These links are not good for your website. If you make a link in your footer or header then it will not provide any value to Google.

Exchange backlinks

Some people think that Google will not know if you exchange links with other website. You can so this for 1-2 website. But if you do this on large scale then Google will defiantly panelize your website.

Bad category

Buy links

There are many websites who are selling backlinks in money. New blogger don’t know that these links can harm their websites. These websites sells links and many people buy these links and their websites get blacklisted by google.

These websites are identify by Google and any person who make backlinks from their put bad effect on their websites.

Comment on other websites

This is the most common way of creating backlinks by many people. These comments were good 5 to 6 years back. But now Google count them in spam. It can decrease your website authority in Google.

Backlinks from other niche website


How do I create backlinks?

Guest posting, Infographics, Write testimonials, increase your website DA, build internal links
12 ways to get quality backlinks

Are Backlinks still important 2020?

yes, backlinks are still one of the important ranking factor.
visit Quora

How many backlinks per day is safe?

Nobody can give you the exect answer for this. if you make spam backlinks, then your website will be blacklist by google. But if you generate quality backlinks then you can make 1000 backlinks in one day.

Why backlinks are important?

Backlinks are one of the important ranking factor. Google determine the number of referring domain while giving ranking to websites. It also increase your domain authority.

People just make backlinks from any website. But they don’t know that it is important to make backlinks from a relevant website. If you will not make backlinks from relevant website then Google can panelize your website.


After studying all the things we can conclude that if you want to rank your website on top pages then you have to work on backlinks.

Backlinks are like backbone of SEO. If have created good quality backlinks then more chances of higher ranking in Google search.

You should not run after the quantity of backlinks but always prefer to have quality backlinks.

If you have good high quality backlink from high domain authority website then it is more beneficial than 100 low quality backlinks.

First thing is to write quality content. Because content is the king but if don’t work on SEO then every will be zero.

So work on your backlinks and try to get backlinks from relevant website. It should be of your category.

If your website is on technology then try to get backlinks from technology related websites.

I hope this topic will help you understand about backlinks. And if you need any help then comment below for any query

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