The Game Awards 2022: Death Stranding 2, Diablo 4, Hades II, Armored Core 6, more announced

The Game Awards 2022: Death Stranding 2, Diablo 4, Hades II, Armored Core 6, more announced

The 2022 Game Awards were held earlier today, marking the epic conclusion to this year’s gaming season and promising more for years to come. The three and a half hour long show was performed at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, with returning host Geoff Keighley, supported by a tremendous musical orchestra and an even louder audience. With Elden Ring taking home the coveted Game of the Year award, celebrity appearances, a slew of new title reveals, and an individual who took the stage before they were arrested, this year’s celebration felt like one big event. The most notable announcements this time around include Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding 2, the studio’s first sequel to Hades II, gameplay for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Diablo 4, a release date for Street Fighter 6, and more.

Without further ado, here’s a list of the biggest video game announcements at The Game Awards 2022, hosted by Geoff Keighley.

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Death Stranding 2

Yes, this is a working title, but the rumors were true. Hideo Kojima is expanding on the Death Stranding arc, with a trailer featuring Fragile (Léa Seydoux), who is being pursued by an unseen assailant, hoping to hunt down her baby – or BB. However, her body no longer appears mottled with wrinkles, as a result of time falling since Higgs (Troy Baker) tortured her.

Norman Reedus returns, of course, as Sam Porter Bridges, though he looks aged and stuck at a crossroads over whether to join the Drawbridge corporation. Kojima appeared onstage afterwards to confirm that the COVID-19 pandemic had prompted him to rewrite the entire script for the sequel. Death Stranding 2 also stars Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Release date: May 26, 2023
Platform: PC, PS5, Xbox Series S/X

Rocksteady Studios has finally released a release date for the long-awaited Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, with a new trailer that pays tribute to legendary voice actor Kevin Conroy, who passed away last month after a short-lived battle with cancer. Batman, whose identity is publicly revealed as Bruce Wayne at the end of Arkham Knight, dons the cowl once more, looking to hunt down Amanda Waller’s top foot soldiers from the shadows. Having succumbed to Brainiac’s mind control, this version doesn’t shy away from the kill, promising a formidable opponent for our volatile misfits.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC

Release date: April 19, 2023
Platform: PS5

Adept hunter Aloy returns in Horizon Forbidden West’s Burning Shores DLC, as she heads into post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, now a treacherous volcanic archipelago. According to developer Guerrilla Games, the story picks up shortly after the events of the main game, promising a “massive” machine menace lurking in the shadows of the ravaged and fragmented city, bubbling with lava. Despite being an add-on, players can explore the lands by taking a dip in bodies of water or riding on the back of a Sunwing.

The Last of Us Part I PC

Release date: March 3, 2023
Platform: PC

The Last of Us Part I finally has a PC release date, which will undoubtedly host tons of enhanced features tailored to the PC gamer. The thrilling zombie-slaying survival game was supposed to arrive “very soon” after the PS5 version launches, but it looks like developer Naughty Dog is taking its time getting things right.

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return PC

Release date: 2023
Platform: PC

Another PlayStation exclusive to PC is Returnal, the third-person roguelike experience that puts you among the stars to investigate a mind-numbing death loop. While the gameplay, at first glance, looks like a generic shooter where you shoot down swarms of aliens, it’s the psychological horror and addictive, unpredictable dungeon crawling elements that keep it from failing.

Gameplay of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Release date: March 17, 2023
Platform: PC, PS5, Xbox Series S/X

Picking up five years after the events of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order, Cal Kestis is now a powerful Jedi Knight, pushing himself to the limits as he furthers his dangerous crusade against the oppressive Empire. As promisedEA has released a gameplay trailer, showcasing his telekinetic abilities as he grabs Stormtroopers from afar and uses his weapon power to inflict damage on enemies.

General combat feels like familiar territory for a Souls type, as you’re armed with a lightsaber, while for traversal you can tame wild intergalactic beasts to ride. Plus, the release date leak earlier this week only missed two days – so close!

Hades II

Platform: PC (Early Access)

Supergiant Games is exploring Greek mythology even further with its timeless roguelike mechanic that rewards you with unpredictable gambles with every run. This time you play as the underworld princess Melinoë, daughter of Persephone and Zeus, who is armed with a multitude of long-range spells to defeat oncoming enemies. The divine conflict has more stakes this time around, as it’s no longer an argument between father and son, but a matter of time and the cosmos – quite literally, as you’re up against Chronos, the personification of time.

Watch the Hades II announcement trailer

Hades 2 Game Awards Hades 2 Game Awards

Hades II has you fighting Chronos, the personification of time
Photo credit: Supergiant Games

street fighter 6

Release date: June 2, 2023
Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X

You have to appreciate the courage shown by PlayStation, leaking Street Fighter 6’s release date a day before The Game Awards 2022. Capcom’s latest fighting game is now up for pre-order on the aforementioned platforms, and we’ve got a new trailer showcasing its diverse roster of characters, which includes the return of Dee Jay, Manon, Marisa, and JP. We also got a glimpse of the single-player World Tour mode, where you can meet up with the Masters to learn special moves.

Tekken 8

Platform: PC, PS5, Xbox Series S/X

Jun Kazama, who was presumed dead in Tekken 2, reunites with his son Jin, in the upcoming Tekken 8 fighter. Wanting to cleanse the world of its “evil and corruption”, the pair engage in high-stakes battles in story mode against several returning characters, including Paul Phoenix, Marshall Law, Jack-8, King and Lars. The game is built on Unreal Engine 5 and picks up the tragic story of the Mishima and Kazama bloodlines.

Idris Elba in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Freedom

Release date: 2023
Platform: PC, PS5, Xbox Series S/X

Having improved its technical issues, Cyberpunk 2077 announced its first major expansion pack, Phantom Liberty, earlier this year, teasing a storyline that sees V pledging allegiance to the New United States of America.

Well, now you can add Idris Elba (The Suicide Squad) to the cast as a veteran, Solomon Reed, who will help you complete an “impossible mission of espionage and survival.” Take note of CD Projekt Red’s naming schemes – this is a paid expansion.

diablo 4

Release date: June 6, 2023
Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X

Decades after the events of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, the demon Lilith and the angel Inarius are bitter enemies, resorting to war against each other. Diablo IV introduces a fifth playable class – the cunning Necromancer, who can summon vengeful hordes of the undead and command them into battle. Pre-ordering the game grants early access to the Diablo 4 open beta.

Crash Team Rumble

Release: 2023
Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X

As previously promised, the Crash Bandicoot team has unveiled their latest entry into the vibrant universe, which takes an entirely new direction. Crash Team Rumble is a 4v4 multiplayer experience that tasks players with collecting and dropping the most Wumpa Fruits, while navigating obstacles and platforms, outpacing opponents and making use of the skills of iconic characters – Crash, Dingodile, Dr. Cortex and more – to emerge victorious.

Final Fantasy XVI

Release date: June 22, 2023
Platform: PS5

The long overdue Final Fantasy 16 finally got a release date and a slew of gameplay clips. Titled “Revenge”, the trailer transports us into the medieval-inspired world of Valisthea, as we get a closer look at the colossal summonable Eikons – Ifrit, Shiva and Garuda – battling it out in large-scale arenas. Plus, you can add Torgal the pet dog as a loyal party member for when you venture out into the wild. Final Fantasy XVI is also the first title in the series to abandon its turn-based combat system for a hack-and-slash mechanic.

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

Release: 2023
Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X

It hasn’t even been a year since Elden Ring was released, and FromSoftware has already released its newest project, where you run as giant robots and best enemies in dramatic battles involving tons of explosions, missiles and what appears to be an EMP-based attack. Strange to see robots carelessly carrying it around with them.

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon continues the long-running series from the celebrated developers, but this time, Masaru Yamamura, designer of 2019 GOTY winner Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, has taken over as director. Hidetaka Miyazaki was also initially involved, so it wouldn’t be too hard to expect some Souls-type elements, would it?

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