Shanna Moakler on Oscar De La Hoya Affairs

Shanna Moakler on Oscar De La Hoya Affairs
Shanna Moakler recalls Oscar de la Hoya cases and rape allegations The Golden Boy Takeaways 263

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oscar de la hoya does not shy away from its various controversies in part 2 of The golden boy – and your ex Shanna Moakler plays a key role in exploring its various subjects and much more.

During the second half of the HBO documentary – which is currently streaming on Max – the retired boxer recalled first seeing Moakler in the 90s.

“I’m like a kid in the candy store, hanging out with celebrities. There are women everywhere – beautiful women. But then I saw her. [A] beautiful girl, blonde, tall, slender, looks like a silhouette. It was almost like a ghost,” he said. “She was the first American I dated. She was an actress and she was Miss USA. For a little Mexican from east LA, I thought, ‘Wow, this is going to enhance or help my career.’”

Moakler, in turn, said he knew he had just “found a soulmate” when he crossed paths with the athlete.

“He was fun. He always made me feel so beautiful,” she said. “I fell in love for him.”

De La Hoya and Moakler wasted no time when they started dating. “Being part of a power couple was something that I, you know, dreamed about when I was a little girl,” she explained. “I loved the attention and I loved our life. … I went to fights. I had a car pick me up from my apartment and take me to Big Bear and then we flew on this private jet. And, you know, we’re escorted by security and bodyguards and through the secret tunnels, you know, through the Bellagio to these penthouses.

Six months into their whirlwind romance, Moakler found out she was pregnant in 1998. “We were engaged. We moved into this beautiful dream home. It was like a fairy tale,” Moakler, who gave birth to a daughter Atiana in March 1999, he said. “But then things got weird.”

One of the couple’s first big hurdles came when De La Hoya’s ex-girlfriend claimed he fathered her child. jacobwho was born in February 1998.

“I remember him saying, ‘I don’t have a child.’ And he bought me a tennis bracelet,” Moakler said. “I was like, ‘It’s okay if you do this, like, I just need to know.’ I remember them taking the paternity test. And Jacob turned out to be his son. And I was like, ‘OK, well, we’re going to love him and you have a son, congratulations.’”

The same year that Jacob was born, De La Hoya unknowingly had another child. After giving birth in November 1998, Angelique McQueen came forward and revealed that she had conceived a child named Devon after a one night stand.

“I have three children now,” recalled De Le Hoya. “It is a huge responsibility. I just didn’t know how to do it. I didn’t know how to be a father. And my answer was to drink.

As De Le Hoya struggled with substance abuse, Moakler claimed he became “a different person when he drinks.”

“Even now I look back on it and I just didn’t want to believe it,” she explained. “I didn’t want to believe it – even though it was happening to me even though I was living it, you know, I was seeing it – maybe I was in love with the idea. You know what I pictured you in my mind to be. Women would call me and say, ‘I slept with your fiance.’ And I would say ‘No, you didn’t. He would never do that to me. You just want his money.’

As De La Hoya’s indiscretions became more frequent, Moakler didn’t want to leave.

“I would chase him around clubs and security would see me and throw him out the back door so I wouldn’t catch him. He would always tell me ‘No, I love you,'” she said. “And then I heard he was accused of rape by women in Mexico. Things like that started to happen and I sided with him because I just didn’t believe any of it.”

De La Hoya denied the rape allegations after the woman filed a lawsuit against him when he turned 18. (The civil suit was settled out of court in 2001.)

“I never thought he was guilty of any of this,” Moakler said in the document. “You know, I thought these women were just trying to make a quick buck.”

Moakler went on to recall another charge against De La Hoya.

“We were spending Christmas in Palm Springs. Friends of his were having a party at our house in Bel Air, so he left and went to that party and I was really hurt. I was like, ‘It’s Christmas’. And then another woman accused him of rape in our house,” she said.

There were no criminal charges against De La Hoya for the December 1999 allegation, which he denied. De La Hoya told HBO cameras, “Did I put myself in the position where I was vulnerable? Where can people, you know, accuse me of anything? Yes, I’ve put myself in positions like that. Because I was reckless. But I’m not a bad guy. I never. It’s not in my DNA. It’s not in my bones to do something like that.

After two major in-ring defeats, De La Hoya fired his staff and hired a manager named Richard Schaefer.

“I just knew. I was like, ‘This is so bad,'” Moakler said.

Among De La Hoya’s new career plans was a Latin pop singing career.

“We flew to Florida and I was there for about three weeks while he recorded this album. Richard told Oscar that I wasn’t Latina enough and that he needed the public eye to be respected by the Mexican community to be with a Mexican or Latina woman,” stated Moakler.

De La Hoya said his producer showed him a picture of the singer Millie Corretjer, whom he described as “angelic”. The label then prioritized the meeting of the two and he put her in a music video.

Shanna Moakler recalls Oscar de la Hoya cases and rape allegations The Golden Boy Takeaways 265

Oscar De La Hoya and Millie Corretjer. Todd Williamson/January Images/Shutterstock

“I went to record that day. I remember riding with Richard Schaefer in the golf cart. I was saying, ‘Oscar and I are having some issues.’ And he said, ‘Well, you know, Shanna, I can’t control my heart.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, you son of a bitch! Like, you did it,'” Moakler said.

Moakler claimed that De La Hoya told her that the pair were going to “start from scratch” after he returned from a trip to New York City. After she “didn’t hear from him,” as Moakler recalled, she saw him hand in hand with Corretjer on the Latin Grammy red carpet.

In the film, Moakler and De La Hoya disagreed over whether they were still a couple at the time of the 2000 awards.

“The next day, he got in the car with me. I just said, ‘Why did you do that?’ He looked me in the face — he said, ‘I don’t love you anymore,'” she said. “He said, ‘Shanna, I have more money than God.’ And he got out of the car. And he came to the window where I was sitting crying and knocked on the window. And he says, ‘Don’t be so hard on me!’ Nothing he told me was true.

De La Hoya married Corretjer in 2001 and they welcomed three children before calling it quits in 2016. During their marriage, De La Hoya – who admitted he didn’t tell his new wife about son Devon until she read about him in a magazine – was accused of cheating with a Russian dancer Milana Dravnel.

Dravnel recalled meeting De La Hoya “very charismatic” at a New York nightclub, claiming the couple struck up a “no strings attached” romance. Dravnel was with De La Hoya when he was famously photographed dressed in fishnets and high heels, but denied that she was the one who took the pictures. After unsuccessfully paying $1 million to stop the photos from leaking, De La Hoya vehemently denied that the photos were real at the time.

In the document, De La Hoya detailed how he and his team convinced the world they were fake photos, hiring “experts” to comment on the images and Dravnel agreeing to lie for him.

Parts 1 and 2 of The golden boy are streaming now on Max.

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