Samsung Neo QLED Smart TVs: Bring Home the Best TV Viewing Experience This Diwali

Samsung Neo QLED Smart TVs: Bring Home the Best TV Viewing Experience This Diwali

For decades, TVs were simply devices used to watch movies and TV shows. In recent years, the role of TV in our lives has completely changed. As we spend more time indoors, technologies that once seemed “nice to have” have now become a necessity.

Samsung, the #1 global TV manufacturer for 16 consecutive years, has always provided consumers with innovative TV display solutions. In 2022, the company continues to deliver extraordinary viewing experiences with its latest lineup of Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs. The Samsung Neo QLED TV range enhances your viewing experience no matter what you’re watching. The experience is defined by Samsung’s Neo Quantum 4K processor, which delivers advanced picture and sound quality. This range of Neo QLED TVs also comes with Quantum Matrix technology, powered by Quantum Mini LEDs, which are 40 times smaller than ordinary LEDs, so viewers can enjoy great details in the darkest and brightest scenes.

The Neo QLED TV range also features Shape Adaptive Light Control technology that improves the brightness and accuracy of various shapes on the screen. This helps deliver ultra-realistic image quality with deep blacks and bright highlights. Samsung’s Neo QLED TV lineup delivers powerful surround sound with the world’s first TV for Dolby Atmos and Q-Symphony Wireless Soundbar, so you can experience audio on a whole new level.

The Samsung Neo QLED TV range comes with an Infinity One design that makes it a stylish addition to your home. It is absolute beauty in a minimalist form. And its black borders will look like they’re not even there, allowing the Infinity Display to deliver new levels of immersive viewing that will blow your mind.

‘Highlight of India’ with Aanchal Thakur

Samsung brought in Aanchal Thakur, India’s first international ski medalist, to celebrate India’s breathtaking highlight as seen on Neo QLED TVs. TVC shows how Samsung’s ultra premium 8K Neo QLED TV highlights the breathtaking scenic beauty of the snow capped mountains and Aanchal’s relentless pursuit of amazing new trails.

Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs, with the power of 100 million lights, deliver the brightest picture with maximum clarity, bringing every detail to life. TVC also shows how the Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV’s impressive speakers with Dolby Atmos deliver an unparalleled 3D surround sound experience that can make viewers feel like they are skiing with Aanchal. Samsung’s ‘Outstanding India’ campaign reflects how the tech giant wants to continue pushing boundaries and reaching new heights of technological innovation.

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Now, let’s briefly talk about a Samsung Neo QLED TV model so that you can better understand all the features.

Samsung QN90B – Neo QLED 4K Smart TV

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Samsung Neo QLED TVs deliver vivid and detailed picture quality for an unrivaled 4K viewing experience. Today, we are going to talk about the QN90B Neo QLED TV, one of the models in the Neo QLED line. This Samsung Neo QLED TV comes in sizes of 85 inches, 75 inches, 65 inches, 55 inches and 50 inches.

Let’s take a look at its main features:

Quantum Matrix technology with mini LEDs and shape-adaptive light control

Excellent picture quality has always been a top priority for anyone looking to buy a new big screen TV for their home or office. Samsung’s range of Neo QLED TVs create the perfect way to experience the world at home. It’s powered by Quantum Matrix technology, which comes with Quantum Mini LEDs that enable excellent clarity, allowing you to see high-contrast details from deep blacks to brilliant whites. You can have a true cinema experience inside your home.

With Samsung Neo QLED TVs, you enjoy unparalleled picture quality and capture details never before seen on the screen. Neo QLED TVs also come with a form-adaptive light control feature that provides precise contrast levels for all shapes and sizes in the picture.

Neo Quantum 4K Processor with Real Depth Enhancer

Samsung Neo QLED TV lets you experience all your favorite movies and TV shows in spectacular 4K resolution, thanks to the AI-based Intelligent Neo Quantum Processor 4K.

The advanced Neo Quantum 4K processor enhances every scene, restoring it pixel by pixel, letting you watch your favorite content with incredible clarity. In short, it adjusts brightness and increases contrast for a fascinating viewing experience, no matter what resolution it was created in.

And with Real Depth Enhancer, you’ll experience depth and dimension on your screen, just like in real life. This technological advancement determines and enhances objects to create three-dimensional depth on the screen against the background of the object. In short, this feature makes content look more realistic than ever.

EyeComfort mode for an enhanced viewing experience

Samsung Neo QLED TV comes with highly useful EyeComfort mode which offers a pleasant viewing experience to the viewer. It intelligently adjusts screen brightness and hue based on time (sunrise and sunset) to help prevent eye strain. And since we spend most of our time looking at screens here and there, the EyeComfort mode on Neo QLED TVs is a boon in today’s times.

Also, this feature is incredibly useful for those who like to watch movies and TV shows at night, as it reduces blue light levels according to the ambient light. It’s a useful feature if your kids spend a lot of time in front of the screen.

Dolby Atmos and Q-Symphony for the best audio experience

Most consumers complain that their big screen TVs don’t have a cinema-like sound experience. But with Samsung Neo QLED TVs, you will be able to experience real 3D sound like in the cinemas. The Samsung Neo QLED TV’s high-performance speakers come with native support for Dolby Atmos, which delivers a dynamic sound experience, putting you right in the middle of the action.

Q-Symphony Brings the World’s First Wireless Dolby Atmos Experience

Samsung’s Neo QLED TV also comes with a Q-Symphony feature that seamlessly syncs the TV’s speakers with the Q series soundbar for a powerful surround sound experience. When paired with this Neo QLED TV, it delivers the world’s first wireless Dolby Atmos experience right inside your living room. You can enjoy a cinema-like Dolby Atmos sound experience without worrying about cables!

The TV viewing experience becomes more remarkable when there’s amazing audio to match. Samsung Neo QLED TVs can deliver just that. Neo QLED TVs feature Samsung’s Object Tracking Sound (OTS+) technology that can work wonders. It analyzes the content played on the TV and outputs the sound following the action of the content.

Imagine a race car going left to right, Samsung Neo QLED TVs can combine the visuals with an audio experience that also moves from left to right. It’s so impressive that you have to experience it yourself.

Seamlessly control other devices with Neo QLED TVs

Samsung Neo QLED TVs come with several innovative features such as SmartThings, which allows you to create an integrated smart home management system by connecting IoT devices to Neo QLED TV with an integrated hub. You will be able to control your IoT devices and also check their status on the big screen. Isn’t that amazing?

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Stay connected with your loved ones

Video calling has become one of the preferred methods of staying connected during the pandemic. Samsung Neo QLED TVs allow you to call your loved ones without getting up from the couch. You can simply install a Samsung SlimFit Cam on your TV and enjoy video calling or web conferencing right on your big screen TV. The easy-to-use webcam can be connected without compromising the TV’s design.

Smart features that will change the way you experience TV

Samsung Neo QLED TVs come with many innovative features such as Smart Hub, which allows you to enjoy the best content viewing experience. A personalized recommendation system allows you to create multiple profiles of your family members, making it easier for everyone to enjoy a more personalized TV viewing experience.

Samsung Neo QLED TVs have built-in connectivity with Google Assistant, Alexa and Bixby. This allows you to search popular streaming apps and live TV channels just by commanding the voice assistant.

There is also a Samsung TV Plus feature with which you can enjoy free streaming of 75+ channels. With Samsung Neo QLED TVs, enjoy a daily dose of entertainment, news, sports and more, even without a subscription.

Your perfect gaming partner

PC Games Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro

Samsung Neo QLED TVs are not only televisions, but also your perfect gaming partner. Gaming has evolved in India in recent years. More people are now eager to make a career in gaming, and the Samsung Neo QLED TV range can be a great help in their journey.

Samsung Neo QLED TVs come with loads of gaming features that enhance your big screen gaming experience. Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro, Game Bar 2.0, Zoom-in Mode and Ultrawide Multi View, you name it, the Neo QLED TV has it. The 50-inch model supports a 144Hz refresh rate, allowing for a smooth visual experience while gaming.

Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro technology brings a powerful gaming experience right into your living room. This feature lets you enjoy smooth and fluid movements without delay. Game Bar allows you to monitor your game status and optimize game settings easily. And with the Zoom-in / Ultra-wide Multi View mode, you won’t find any blind spots while playing your favorite games.

These amazing features make Neo QLED TVs a must have for gamers.

Price, offers and availability

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Now that you know how amazing this Neo QLED TV is, what else are you waiting for? Get one for yourself now and experience content and games like never before. This is the best time to buy Neo QLED TVs as you will be able to take advantage of great holiday deals.

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