Overwatch 2’s Battle for Olympus event is now live, heroes inspired by Greek myth

Overwatch 2’s Battle for Olympus event is now live, heroes inspired by Greek myth

The Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus limited-time event is now live. The latest update introduces the new seasonal mode, which features a free-for-all deathmatch game featuring seven select heroes, reimagined as Greek gods, goddesses and creatures. Blizzard Entertainment had already released a trailer for the event, teasing some of the new divine abilities that stack on top of champions. The studio has now shared some patch notes that detail each ability, along with a global leaderboard that serves to immortalize a hero with an in-game statue. The event is scheduled to take place until the 19th of January.

To reiterate, Battle for Olympus is simply Overwatch 2’s standard deathmatch mode with a fresh coat of Olympic paint. Keep in mind that the new effects are restricted to this mode only and that quick play and competitive segments will continue with the normal Hero kits. The seven playable heroes included in the game mode are Junker Queen, Lució, Pharah, Ramattra, Reinhardt, Roadhog and Widowmaker – all armed with “Divine” ultimates that last longer than normal ones and add changes to your regular moveset. Additionally, each character is designed and named after an appropriate Greek legend, whose skins can be purchased using coins earned from completing weekly challenges. As with previous seasonal events, Battle for Olympus can be accessed by navigating to the Arcade section.

When playing Lucius reimagined as Hermes – thanks to his speed – his godly sound barrier will last for 20 seconds, granting him infinite ammo, the ability to re-jump after jumping off a wall ride, and greatly increased attack and movement speed. Additionally, if your Boop action throws enemies into a wall, they will take extra damage and be stunned shortly. Since Overwatch 2’s Battle for Olympus is a deathmatch mode, this healer’s abilities only benefit him. Meanwhile, marksman Widowmaker, who is shaped like a snake-headed Medusa, can turn enemies looking at you to stone when aimed. Not to mention, the maximum allows for a high-risk, high-reward playstyle, inciting you to make enemies realize your vantage point.

What you’re getting here is essentially a God Mode for Overwatch 2, where all the powers are taken directly from Greek mythology. Minotaur Reinhardt’s Divine Ultimate also lasts for 20 seconds, allowing him to recover whenever an enemy is knocked into a wall. He can now pin up to three opponents at once, with wall slams dealing extra damage and setting the cooldown of his next charge to just 0.5 seconds, which is incredibly powerful. Zeus Junker Queen is equipped with Divine Rampage, where all damage inflicted using his Scattergun has a chance to apply additional lightning damage to his abilities. Meanwhile, the new Ramattra tank is equipped with the gift of the sea god Poseidon, starting with the Ravenous Vortex, a huge whirlpool that sucks up enemies and launches them into the air. You can also fire large blasts of water that deal heavy damage.

Roadhog only has one eye in the mode, thanks to his power being modeled after Cyclops. His 15-second Divine Roadhog ability greatly expands his body, adding 600 health, and adds the ability to hurl rocks instead of his normal ultimate fire. His melee attacks, on the other hand, do five times more damage than normal and knock enemies back with each hit. And finally, there’s Hades Pharah, who is now mobile when performing her Rocket Barrage, making her less open and vulnerable to being stunned or killed during animation. Additionally, during the Divine ultimate’s 20 second duration, each kill heals Pharah and extends the duration of the effect.

As previously stated, the hero with the most eliminations by the end of the Battle for Olympus event will be forever immortalized with a statue on the Illios Ruins map. Additionally, Overwatch 2 is now packed with special challenges that help unlock new themed voice lines, player titles, and new cosmetics to purchase using Overwatch Coins. There’s also a checkpoint-based challenge, which unlocks the Legendary Winged Victory Mercy skin.

The Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus event is available until January 19th on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.

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