Natalie Lee Quits Dating Reality Stars After Post-‘LIB’ Romance

Natalie Lee Quits Dating Reality Stars After Post-‘LIB’ Romance

Natalie Lee learned that reality TV stars are not her type after dating one after her breakup Shayne Jansen.

When asked if she dated another reality star on the Monday, July 17 episode of her Deepti VempatiOn the “Out of the Pods” podcast, Natalie responded, “Yes. I can’t say his name out of respect for him, but I have privately dated another reality TV star. And it was interesting. I don’t know what to say, like, I did it.”

Having starred in Netflix season 2 Love is blind, Natalie said there’s a “safety” to dating other reality stars because they can bond through shared experiences. “When we were out Love is blind and when the show was also coming out, we were under a lot of stress,” she noted. “It’s a lot when people are talking about you online and you start to feel a little self-conscious. And so having a partner that can relate to that is really, really nice and understanding the complexities of being on a TV show.”

However, the experience of dating a reality star — as well as someone else who is “popular on TikTok” — isn’t something Natalie is sure she’d do again. “My ideal type is someone quieter, more reserved, even if I’m not,” explained the Netflix star. “But it’s who I’m attracted to and you really can’t find that in this social media world.”

Though she hasn’t pinpointed her mystery reality romance, Natalie has previously sparked dating rumors with Bachelor Nation’s Blake Moynes in July 2022 after the two took a trip to the Caribbean. A source later clarified Us that the two were just friends and were on the island for a conservation project.

Natalie first made headlines when she and Shayne, 34, got engaged in Season 2 of Love is blind — which premiered in February 2022. Although Natalie left Shayne at the altar during the season finale, the pair rekindled their relationship after the show before calling it quits for good not long after.

Love Is Blind's Natalie Lee Dated a Reality Star 'Privately' After Split From Shayne Jansen

Natalie LeeShayne Jansen Ser Baffo/Netflix (2)

“Shayne and I are friends. We gave it another chance after our marriage,” Natalie exclusively said. Us in March 2022. “So we continued our relationship for several months and broke up after that. But we are friends now and I wish him all the best.”

Later that month, however, a source revealed that Natalie and Shayne “were not getting along” and that “they weren’t communicating and had stopped following each other on social media.”

After Shayne claimed that the two “reconnected four times after the show” on a March 2022 episode of “The Viall Files” podcast, Natalie clarified via lengthy Instagram Story posts that she and Shayne only dated “twice ”. She wrote: “We recently met to discuss the possibility of reconciliation but finally agreed not to date until he changed some of his behavior. A few days later, I completely closed the door on any kind of reconciliation after discovering some lies he had told me.”

Earlier this year, Natalie accused her ex of auditioning for the Netflix series. Perfect combination while they were still dating. The back-and-forth continued as Shayne shared screenshots of her allegedly encouraging him to join the reality show, one of which read, “I really want you to enjoy life because this show for you is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Natalie clarified via Instagram that she and Shayne were approached about joining the series in September 2021, but declined as they were secretly dating. She later found out that Shayne “didn’t turn down” the offer and began the casting process. Natalie also claimed that the texts her ex-partner shared were from February 2022 and not November 2021.

“While Shayne was filming the new show in February 2022, he sent me multiple messages saying he wanted to leave midway through filming because he still had feelings for me after we saw each other for a while. [the] first time since our split on reunion show taping,” Natalie wrote via Instagram. “Knowing that there was little hope for our relationship and how excited he was to do another reality show, I encouraged him to continue filming and tried to appease his online backlash through my interviews and on my social media.”

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