How To Start a Blog in 2021 And Earn Money

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Blogging is the best way to earn money online

If you want to start a blog then it is the right time to start.

in this article i have described complete information about how to start a blog in 2020.

I start blogging in 2016, at that time people said that now blogging is outdated and the people who start blogging now will not get success. But I did not listen to them and start blogging and now I am earning in 6 figures. If you also think of earning online then you should start today.

In this article, I will tell you all the steps you will need to start a blog.

Before we start I want to say you one thing to think.

Why do you want to start blogging?

how to start blog in 2020

There can be many reasons you want to earn money, you are fed up with a 9 to 5 job, or you want to be your own boss. Before starting a blog you should think “why”.

This why is most important to understand if you want success in blogging?

Let’s get started

 These are the steps you need to start with

Step 1: choose the niche in which you are interested

Step 2:  select a domain for your blog

Step 3: choose a hosting for your blog

Step 4: choose the platform on which you want to make website

Step 5: set up your wordpress website

Step 6: chose a beautiful theme for your blog

Step 7: most important plugins for your blog

Step 8: create your content you will publish on your blog

Step 9: promote your blog and do social sharing

Step 1: choose the niche in which you are interested

Always try to select a niche in which you are interested. Sometimes people see other people that he is having a blog on this and I should also make a blog on this. This is one of the most common mistakes made by peoples.

Most of the blogger quit blogging in 3-4 months because they choose the wrong niche. You should always choose a niche for which you are passionate about.

If you are confuse in choosing niche then see it.

If you love travelling and go on trips every month then you should start a blog on travelling. On your blog, you can write about the place you visit. You can also share useful information’s like the place to visit in that place. You can also use affiliate links in that and earn from affiliate also.

If you are passionate about something then only you can write about that in regular bases.

  • Pick up a pen and write about your niche
  • Write 3 to 4 topic of your niche
  • Find the other source you can use in your niche like affiliate, paid promotion
  • Write 20 to 25 topics on which you will write in your blog in advance

Now you can start your blog

Step 2: choose a domain name for your website

Some people don’t know about the domain. But let me guide you about the domain name.

Domain name is the name of your blog.

For example it is the domain of my website. Like this, you have to choose the name of your website.

I describe the complete url of domain

https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)

icodethat (Domain name)

.com (Top Level Domain)

It is one of the most important steps which decide your blog success. If you choose a good name that will help you in ranking also.

A domain name is the first thing a user sees when he comes to your website. So always try to take an attractive domain for your website

Choosing a domain name is not so much difficult, you can easily find it for your website.

Steps to choose a perfect domain name for your blog

Take a short domain – always try to take a small domain for your website. If you take a big domain that it would be difficult for people to remember. Short domains are easy to remember and there are very few chances of spelling mistakes.

Use the keyword in the domain – you should use your main keyword in your domain. For example- if you are making a blog on health then you should use health in your domain.

Always use .com – you should always try to use .com in your domain. .com is the most common extension and these websites open throughout the world.

If you are still facing problem in finding the domain then you can use google domain to search perfect domain for your website.

Step 3: choose a web hosting for your blog

Some people don’t know about hosting. But now I give you detail information about web hosting.

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Web hosting- web hosting is an online service which helps you to publish your blog on the internet. Web hosting stores all the files and data of your blog and show when someone tries to access your website. 

Web hosting companies provide us with servers on which we can upload our website. After that our website would be visible for the world. Anybody can access our website from all over the world.

Next step is to choose the best web hosting service.

There are thousands of web hosting companies who provide hosting services. But we should choose the best of all.

The hosting provider we should choose should perform well, gives great speed and security.

I can give you the name of thousand of company. But I will not do that, I recommend you to host your blog on Siteground.

Siteground is the best hosting company for every website. You can host your website without any hesitation. The support and services provided by the company are great. And another wonderful thing about Siteground is the price of their hosting plans. Plans are very cheap as compare to other companies.

Get 50% discount on Bluehost

Lets start buying a hosting plan.

My site is also hosted on Siteground. I have speed issue with my previous hosting provider but after that, I shifted to Siteground. And now I am very happy with the speed of my website. you can read the full details of Bluehost hosting review and understand everything.

Now I show you the speed of my website before and after siteground.

Before siteground

At that time I was using a cheap and local web hosting

After siteground

You can see the difference in the load time. It is almost 3 times faster than my previous hosting provider.

So I suggest you go with Siteground because google says that it gives more preference to fast websites. A website should load with 3 seconds to rank higher in Google search results.

You can also see the reviews of big firms who also say Siteground best hosting company.

You can see the reviews by top companies CEO and founders.

Now I teach you how to buy a hosting.

Let’s get started

Follow the steps I am going to show you to purchase hosting for your website.

Step 1: click on this link to buy hosting for your website.

If you buy from this link you will get 70% discount on your hosting plan.

I would suggest you go with a startup plan because for a new blog it is more than enough. Here you will get all the features

Step 2 Choose your domain from here.

Choose your domain name. For example, you want to make a blog on travelling then you choose name related travelling like and then click on proceed.

Step 3 fill your account details

Here you will have to fill all your details; there should not be any mistake.

Step 4 fill your credit card details

Step 5 confirm the terms and conditions and click on pay now

After clicking on pay now, money will be deducted from your account.

After that, you will receive an email from Siteground about your account details.

Now you have purchased your hosting and now you can start making your blog.

Best of luck for your blog

Step 4: choose the platform WordPress to create website

The next step is to create website.

I suggest you to create a website on WordPress. There are lots of options to choose from for creating your blog or a website. But I am saying you something very powerful for creating a blog. I am not insisting you but giving you strong advice.

There are lots of cms and you can make a website on any popular cms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento etc. you can also make a website in PHP. But here I am telling you to make your website on WordPress.

 Why you should use WordPress.

It is the most popular cms nowadays. Around 35% of websites running on the internet are running on WordPress alone.

Some people think that they should not make a website on WordPress, they think they need to know coding for creating a website. But I am saying it is super easy to create a website on WordPress. You don’t need any knowledge of coding. WordPress is as simple as you can create a beautiful website very easily.

All the hosting companies provide a WordPress plugin in their Cpanel. You can easily install WordPress from there and start making your website. If you want success in blogging carrier then you should start with WordPress.

Now, let’s discuss how to install WordPress. It is very easy to install WordPress for your blog.

First open the Cpanel of your website, on that you will find a software name WordPress click on that.

After that click on install.

And fill the information

And after that click on install now button in the bottom.

Now your WordPress is installing and after that you will be redirect to your WordPress login

Fill the username and password which you write during installing your WordPress.

The url of your WordPress login

In future, if you forgot the URL of your website then you can type URL in the about structure.

Step 5 choose a theme for your blog (how to start a blog in 2020)

After installing WordPress next thing is the design of your website. Your blog design totally depends on the theme you use on your website.

Choosing a theme is simply the design of your blog or website. What it is going to look like for a user when they come to your website. It is your decision to choose a theme. You can pick a free them for your website. But I recommend you to create your blog on a premium theme.

Premium theme simply means that you are paying for that theme. Why you should pay for a theme when you can get a theme for free.

Reasons to use premium them
  1. Functionality: when you purchase a premium theme, you are going to unlock many features to create a website. You will not get these features in a free theme.
  2. Customization: you can customize your website very easily. And design according to yourself.
  3. Security: you will get security in a premium theme. But when you use a free theme then they are many fears of virus and malware in that theme. Many cyber attackers make malware and malicious theme.
I always recommend buying themes from these sources

Themeforest: it is the world most popular website where you can but themes for your websites. Here you can find themes of all categories and these themes are checked by ThemeForest so that they can be safe for the users.

Divi themes: it is by elegant theme, I personally have this theme and I love it. Why you should choose the Divi theme.

This theme is known for its beauty. So if you want that look something beautiful, amazing then you should choose divi. It is because the customization and the templates they already have are amazing.

Thrive themes: why you should choose a thrive theme. Thrive theme is built for the marketer. So you want to sell something on your blog or you are making a website for selling something then you should choose to thrive themes.

Thrive theme is all in one marketing platform, they have many different plugins and they have themes that are build to generate leads and grow your business.

My some personal favorite themes

Astra theme– this theme has both a free and premium version. It is one of the most popular free themes. You can also you Astra free theme because it is a totally safe and fast theme.

Ocean wp– it is also a free theme and used by millions of users. You can use this theme for free but the features provided by this theme are not less than any premium theme.

Avada– it is one of my favourite themes. It is the most selling theme on ThemeForest with more than 6 lakh downloads. It is a premium theme that comes in $59. This theme provides lots of demos, which you can use and make your website in a few hours.

GeneratePress – it is one of the lightest themes in WordPress with only 50kb space. The speed and the design are just mind-blowing. I am also using Generatepress theme on my 2 websites. So I recommend you to use this theme.

Now understand how to install theme on WordPress

First move your cursor on appearance and then click on theme.

After that this page will open and click on add new

After that you can select a theme given below or you can upload a theme, which you have purchased.

You can upload a .zip format of your theme.

Congratulation your theme is now activated

Your task is not completed now. The real game of designing your website will start now.

You go to appearance then click on customize and now you can customize your website according to you. You can also use some page builder like elementor, wp bakery, etc. these page builders are super easy to use and you can make a stunning website with these page builders.

Step 6: some important plugins for your website

In WordPress, you will use lots of plugins. But choose a good plugin is very important. Because a bad plugin can harm your website and it can be made by the hacker to hack websites.

So here I tell you important and safe plugins.

Akismet Anti-Spam- every website owner should use this plugin. This plugin protects your blog from spam. Many people comment on your blog but some of them are spam and this plugin will protect you from them.

Elementor– this is a page builder for creating a page. You can create stunning pages with the help of this page builder. This page builder is super easy to use; you just have to drag and drop to create a beautiful landing page.

WP rocket– wp rocket is a plugin which optimizes your website and makes your website to load faster. Everybody knows that speed of your website is one of the important ranking factors. So it is important to make your website load faster and wp rocket do this for you. You should defiantly purchase it to make your website fast.

Updraftplus– it is one of the most important plugins for your website. This plugin helps you to have a backup of your website. This plugin is free to use. Running a website safely is a very difficult task. Many hackers are trying to hack your website. And if someone hacks your website then you have a backup of your website.

RANK MATH SEO– it is a SEO plugin, which helps you to make your website SEO friendly. We all know SEO is very important to rank your website on the top pages of Google. Rank math plugin helps you to post a SEO friendly article. So that it easily rank on search engines.

WPS hide login- It is a plugin which changes your wp-login. It is a very important plugin for security. You can change the login URL with the help of this plugin.

Easy table of content- this is a wonderful plugin to optimize your post. This plugin helps your user to directly go to a particular thing they are searching for. It makes a table on the top of your blog and writes all the heading of your blog.

Now we understand how to install a plugin.

  1. Open your WordPress dashboard
  2. Then click on the plugin
  3. Then click on add new
  4. Type your plugin name
  5. Install it and then click on activate.

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Step 7: create and publish blog post

Are you exited to create your first blog post?

Lets we see how to write a post.

First go to your WordPress dashboard → Post → Add new

After that, you will come to this page and this is the place where you can write your post.

Here you can write your blog.

It is the most important part of blogging. If you want to grow a successful blog or a website, if want to take anything from this article please understand this.

The thing which separates a successful blogger to an unsuccessful blogger is to create content on consistent bases are the one who wins the race.

Lots of people start a blog, lots of people start online businesses and they create websites, want to start their own business. But they never create success because they give themselves a chance.

If you want a chance, if you want guaranty your success then you should make long term strategy. You are going to create blog posts, you have to consistent with that. And you have to keep posting bogs for a long period of time to get success. This is the mindset winners have.

This is what separates a loser from a winner when it comes to creating a blog and getting success in that. I promise you if you have long term strategy and you continue to provide valuable articles to your blog, then you will defiantly get success.

Step 8: share your posts on social media

It is very important when you just start your blog. In the beginning, nobody is going to read your blogs. At that time your website has no traffic. And when people post an article on their website and nobody sees that, people start frustrating at that time and they quit blogging.

In the beginning, no one is going to visit your blog. That time you should share your blogs to social media platforms to get some initial traffic.

So it is very important to share your blog post on social media. And I recommend you to share your article on the platform where they are easy to publish.

You should not try to share with all the platforms because if you do so, it would consume lots of time. So I would say you to choose 2 to 3 social media platforms to share your articles.

You should choose the platforms which are easy to use and you can share your blogs on routine. Again I am saying that it is a very very important step to get success in blogging.

Later I will tell you the other ways through which you will get lots of traffic in future. I will teach you about marketing and continue to grow your blog post and after that, you will have to share your blog post. But in beginning, you have to share your article on social media.

if you want to reduce your time then you can use paid plugins for sharing your post on social media. there are many plugins on the web. it helps you to share your article to all the social media platform automatically.

social sharing is very important nowadays, it increases your website traffic and initially gives a push to your article. In beginning it is very hard to get organic traffic at that time you should bring traffic from social media.

top 3 plugins which are free for sharing your blog posts

sassy social sharing- it is very powerful plugin for sharing your article on social media. this plugin show social media icons on your website. you can show these icons on blog post, product page and home page. anybody can share your article from these icons on your website.

Steps 8 build an email list

When you build an email list, this is so powerful; this is what I called traffic on the tab. Which means every time when you publish a new blog post, a notification will go to the entire subscriber that you post a post.

This is amazing.

The email list will grow with time. In beginning, you have no person in your email list but with time your list will grow to hundred to thousand to millions. And as you post an article and you can send email to your all the subscriber that you just post anew article.

This is very important because with time as your email list grow and you continue to provide value to your users. It will automatically start getting traffic to your blog, which gives it a boost.

Lot of people doesn’t talk about it.

Now talk what are the main reasons that email marketing is so powerful.

  • It gives a boost to your new article which you just publish. This gives you an edge on Google.
  • It can help you to promote any new article.
  • You can promote your new website by sending the email and telling them about your new website.
  • You can do affiliate marketing with your email list. It gives you a targeted audience with more chances of a sale.

Nowadays, when we visit any website, they ask us to subscribe to them. Some says subscribe for the weekly newsletter.

But we should not do like this. There are very few chances that a person subscribes to us. So we should go with other ideas. You should make something which should be useful for your audience and give them for free if they subscribe to you.

It increases very high chances that a user will subscribe to us. If a person see something which can be useful for him and he is getting it for free, then he will defiantly subscribe to your website.

You can give them an ebook and they give you their email. After that, you can send mail that here is your ebook. Then you should put their email on auto-respond. It will increase your trust and value in users mind. And in future, if you sell something paid, then there are chances of buying.

Step 9. Build a Community and Grow Your Audience

It is very important to create a audience for you.

How would you do this? How would you grow your audience?

This is a very simple task, you just need to provide valuable information to the market place.

Now how will you do this?

Make your brand: lots of people think to make a brand you need a big team of 20- 30 peoples. But I am saying you alone can make your own brand on which people will trust.

For that, you continuously publish a valuable post and send your user email, what new is coming and tell them something unique which can grow their business. This will increase your brand value. And people will become your diehard fans.

Step 10.  Sell products to your audience

It would be the most fascinating step for some people because they have come here to earn money. But some people when they hear selling something they start saying it would not be easy to sell online. Now we will tell you the best ways to sell your products to your audience.

If you want to do business then this is the step you cannot ignore. You have to sell to your audience.

If you are a new guy in this online world and you don’t have any product to sell or if you are searching for what you should sell. Here I would tell you how to create something which you can create to sell.

Now I am telling you the easiest way to get started and making money through your blog is affiliate marketing. You can become an affiliate of someone other products and services, and you promote them as an affiliate. When someone buys from the affiliate link you promote, you will get a commission on that product.

If you want details I have written a full blog post on this you can read from there.

If you don’t want to do affiliate marketing then I have another thing for you which is also very powerful.

First thing you can do is catching to your audience. I understand this thing not apply for all the blogs. But if you are making a blog in which you can give couching to your audience then this is the best way to earn online.

You can give couching on fitness, you can teach students.

Another thing is consulting.  Many people’s are earning millions by giving consulting services. It is the fastest best way to earn online.

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Another way is by selling your own courses. You can make your own course give all the important information’s in a course and you can sell it as a premium course. If you follow step 8 and make your brand then it would be super easy for you to sell your product.

FAQ About How to Start A Blog

  1. What would be the total investment in Blogging?

    It will cost only $6.99 per month if you start blogging today. If you buy a yearly plan then you will get an extra discount.
    you can get a 50% discount by clicking on this link siteground hosting

  2. How long it will take to get first income from the blog?

    It depends upon your hard work and dedication. it usually take 6-7 months to get first payments

  3. How I can earn money from blog?

    there are many sources of earning from blog. You can earn from Google adsence, you can also do affiliate marketing on your blog. you can also sell your products on your blog.

  4. how do I get traffic on my blog?

    If we are starting a blog then our main motive is to get organic traffic. But in the beginning, it is not easy to get organic traffic. initially, we drive traffic from google then we do SEO of our blog or hire a company for it.
    if you want to hire a company for your website SEO then you can hire icodethat

  5. Is it worth to start blogging in 2020?

    yes definalty, if you want to earn online then it is the right time to start. if you are dedicated and work hard to fulfil your dreams then blogging is easy.

  6. Can I make a blog for free?

    yes, but i suggest not to do so. you can start with blogger which is absolutely free but from blogger it is very hard to earn money. start with WordPress and invest in domain and hosting and start your online journey.

  7. what are the chances of success in blogging?

    There are 100% chance of success in blogging, if you are hard working and dedicated to your work. you can start earning in 5-6 months. some people start earning in 2-3 months, its depends on your niche and your consistence.

You have created your blog

This is completed, you have created your blog and now you have to post articles on it. if you have created a eCommerce website then you have to post daily products on it.

Next thing is to get traffic on your blog. for that you have to do seo of you website.

SEO is divided in 2 parts

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

You have to do SEO of your website otherwise Google will not rank your website. you have to create backlinks on your website. if you want to learn about backlinks then you can read this article what are backlinks?

SEO is the most important thing if you want to get traffic on your website. you can do on-page SEO with the help of SEO plugins like Yoast and Rankmath. these plugins help you to do Onpage SEO easily.

For off-page SEO, you have to create backlinks on your website and promote your website on social media websites. if you want to know, how to create backlinks read our article 12 ways to create quality backlinks.

you can also hire SEO companies to do your website SEO. if you don’t want to invest money in beginning then you can learn about SEO and do your self.

Thank you for reading the full article, hope you like this and we wish for your success in blogging.

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