Horizon Forbidden West, The Quarry, Resident Evil 7 Lead PlayStation Plus Extra, Deluxe Games for February 2023

Horizon Forbidden West, The Quarry, Resident Evil 7 Lead PlayStation Plus Extra, Deluxe Games for February 2023

Horizon Forbidden West leads the pack of new games coming to the PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe/Premium catalog this month. Starting February 21st, top tier PS Plus subscribers will have access to the critically acclaimed RPG that follows Aloy’s adventures across a majestic post-apocalyptic frontier in hopes of protecting humanity from an infectious red plague. Nominated in seven categories at The Game Awards 2022, the title will be available to play on PS4 and PS5. If you’ve never played the original Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s also available as part of PS Plus Extra. The Quarry, an interactive horror game from the creators of Until Dawn, is also heading to the service, where you choose from dialogue options and decide the fates of nine teenage counselors at a summer camp with a supernatural past. Subscribers can access it on PS4 and PS5.

Keeping the horror theme alive is Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – developer Capcom’s foray into incorporating a first-person perspective into the series. You play as Ethan Winters, exploring the nooks and crannies of an abandoned estate, in hopes of finding his missing wife – while avoiding the spooky Baker family, who inspect the house. Only the PS4 version of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will be available. Bandai Namco’s Scarlet Nexus adds a bit of vibrancy to this month’s PS Plus catalog, where you unload a barrage of psychokinetic abilities on a bunch of crazed mutants known as the Others. Players can choose between elite psionics Yuito and Kasane and experience individual stories that intertwine. Scarlet Nexus will be available for PS4 and PS5.

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Higher tier PS Plus subscribers will also get Borderlands 3 from Gearbox Software, where players can explore a bizarre, cartoony world, armed with a zillion weapons and accompanied by quirky characters. Players can choose one of four Vault Hunters – Amara the Siren, operator Zane Flynt, Mozze the Gunner and FL4K, who summons beasts to help in fights – and interact with NPCs to open quests. Borderlands 3 can also be played in online and offline co-op (split screen) and will be released on PS4 and PS5. Another co-op shooter coming to the subscription service this month is Outriders, where you’re dropped on the hostile planet Enoch to search for a mysterious signal – incorporating RPG elements like world interactions, a dialogue tree, a skill upgrade system and more. Players can team up with up to two other friends and experience the dark sci-fi odyssey on PS4 and PS5 in co-op mode.

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The acclaimed fighter Tekken 7 finally makes it to the highest levels of PS Plus, serving as the epic conclusion to the interfamily war between the Mishimas. But if we’re honest, you’re only here for the intense head-to-head battles, which the series has proven to deliver in spades. Subscription grants access to online multiplayer, so you can jump right in with a friend or go head-to-head with randoms online.

For those looking for standalone offerings, The Forgotten City will also be available for download on PS4 and PS5. Players can go back 2,000 years and explore the last days of an ancient and cursed Roman city, where committing one sin leads to the death of all its citizens. Use time travel powers to solve the non-linear mystery, questioning characters through charm, intimidation or bribery and playing with the time loop.

Then there’s I am Setsuna, which explores a young woman’s inner strength as she agrees to sacrifice herself to a violent demon to protect her homeland and its inhabitants. Taking inspiration from timeless JRPGs such as Chrono Trigger, the game will be available on PS4.

Sony unveiled the list on its PlayStation Blog, revealing all the new games available to PS Plus Extra and Deluxe members in February (PS Plus Deluxe is called PS Plus Premium in select markets). Last month’s catalog included Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, two Life is Strange games, and Dragon Ball FighterZ, to name just a few.

Here is the complete list of free games available to PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe/Premium subscribers in February 2023.

The blog post also mentions the PS Plus Classics Catalog, exclusive to PS Plus Deluxe/Premium members. This month brings The Legend of Dragoon, Wild Arms 2, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, and Destroy All Humans!

Earlier this month, Sony also revealed the four free games available to all PS Plus subscribers in February. Until March 6, PS Plus Essential, Extra, and Deluxe members can add co-op zombie slayer Evil Dead: The Game, vibrant skater Olli Olli World, Destiny 2 Beyond Light expansion, and Mafia 1 remake to their libraries.

PlayStation Plus Deluxe subscription starts in India from Rs. 849 per month, while the Extra subscription starts at Rs. 749 per month.

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