Hilary Rhoda’s restraining order against ex Sean Avery extended

Hilary Rhoda’s restraining order against ex Sean Avery extended
Hilary Rhoda's restraining order against ex Sean Avery extended

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A judge ordered that Hilary Rhodatemporary restraining order against Sean Avery remain in effect for more than 10 months after submission of documentation.

The injunction continues to bar Avery, 43, from contact with Rhoda, 36, and her 3-year-old son, Nash. The model first filed for TRO in October 2022, three months after filing for divorce from actor Oppenheimer. The restraining order, extended by a judge on July 17, will now remain in effect until September 12, pending the results of the next court hearing a day earlier.

Avery and Rhoda met in 2009 before tying the knot in 2015. They welcomed son Nash in July 2020 after struggling to conceive and suffering a miscarriage. Ultimately, they broke up shortly before Nash’s second birthday.

O Sports Illustrated swimsuit model filed for divorce in July 2022 after seven years of marriage, according to legal documents obtained by us weekly at the time. Rhoda requested sole physical custody of Nash but joint legal custody. She also indicated that she and the former NHL star had a prenuptial agreement in place.

The following October, Rhoda filed a temporary restraining order against Avery. According to documents obtained by Us, Avery was legally required to stay 100 meters away from the model, her workplace and her son’s school, with the exception of “briefly and peacefully changing[ing] children for court-ordered visits”, for which he was also able to communicate with Rhoda in a “brief and peaceful” way.

The restraining order was issued after Rhoda detailed an alleged September 2022 incident when Avery was arrested for domestic battery. She claimed Avery “entered my house (even though I asked him not to), climbed into bed with me (twice) and wouldn’t leave,” according to documents obtained by Us.

Hilary Rhoda's restraining order against ex Sean Avery extended

Sean Avery and Hilary Rhoda Zach Hilty/BFA/Shutterstock

“He grabbed me by the arms and shook me, twice. I was very scared for my safety and called the police,” the paperwork stated. “Sean was arrested that night for domestic battery and was released the next morning after posting $20,000 bond.”

Rhoda also stated that her ex-husband “screams, curses and swears constantly”. She continued: “He follows me around, trying to wrap me up. He was involved in many cases of physical abuse against me and others. Sean was also physically and emotionally abusive to our son, Nash.”

She alleged that Avery “body slammed” her son into a changing table when he was being agitated, as well as describing how he allegedly drove erratically with Nash in the car. Rhoda stated that Avery admitted to sometimes allowing the child to sit in the front seat and not belting the child’s seat belt into the car seat. He reportedly dismissed her concerns as “crazy”.

As well as claiming her weed vaping pen used to be easily accessible to her son, the model said the Amsterdam-based actor blamed his behavior on a drug problem. “After I filed for divorce, Sean admitted to me that he was addicted to oxycodone and blamed his addiction as the reason for all his ‘bad behavior’ and promised me he had been sober since April,” she wrote in the court documents. “Sean also told me that he was having ‘withdrawals’ from the drug and used that as an excuse to justify his temper and volatility towards me and Nash in recent months.”

Rhoda stated that Avery had been passing by her house “several times a day” since the incident. “I was and am very afraid of Sean,” she said. “It wasn’t the first time Sean was physically violent with me, but it was the first time I called the police because I always tried to protect Sean and because I was so scared. Now I realize he was trapped in a cycle of abuse.”

After the protective order, Rhoda was given full legal and physical custody of Nash.

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