‘Good Omens’ season 2: everything to know

‘Good Omens’ season 2: everything to know
All to Know About Good Omens Season 2's Unexpected Plot Details Cast, and 467 More

Michael Sheen, David Tennant. Amazon Studios

good omens season two is set to feature an entirely new journey for Aziraphale and Crowley.

When the 1st season of good omens was released in 2019, the show was initially intended to run as a limited series with a six-episode order. The Prime Video hit, which accompanies the angel Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and his best friend, a demon named Crowley (David Tennant), as they try to stop Armageddon, is based on Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s 1990 novel of the same name.

After critical acclaim – and a mini episode entitled Good omens: lock during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 – the streamer surprised fans by announcing that the show would be returning for a second season, featuring an all-new storyline for the unlikely duo.

“Neil has always talked about the idea that he and Terry [Pratchett] talked a lot about future stories and that they worked on it a lot, actually. They just never got around to writing that in a book,” Sheen said. collider in July 2023. “So there was already a lot of material in his head. One of the wonderful things about that, too, working on this project, was how much David and I were able to collaborate with Neil on the characters, inhabit them and bring them to life, developing the relationship between them and the stories. So it feels very collaborative, but, of course, Neil is really good at making it feel collaborative, even when he knows exactly what he wants.

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When does the second season of ‘Good Omens’ premiere?

The first episode of Season 2 will premiere on Prime Video on Friday, July 28th and will have a weekly release schedule.

How many episodes does the second season of ‘Good Omens’ have?

The second season will consist of six episodes.

Who is the cast of the second season of ‘Good Omens’?

Sheen and Tennant will return as Aziraphale and Crowley, respectively, with Jon Hamm reprising his role as Gabriel and Derek Jacobi appearing as Metatron. Nina Sosanya It is maggie servicein turn, they will play characters that are different from their counterparts from the first season. Liz Carr, Doon Mackichan, Gloria ObianyoIt is Miranda Richardson will also make appearances in new roles.

Shelley Conn, Tim Downie, Pete Firman, Alex Norton, Andi Osho, Dame Siân Phillips It is Quelin Sepúlveda are new additions to the cast, while benedict cumberbatch, Frances McDormand It is Adriana Arjona are among the notable absences.

Everything to know about Good Omens Unexpected Season 2: Plot Details, Cast, and More
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What is the second season of ‘Good Omens’ about?

While the 1st season of good omens followed the narrative of Gaiman and Pratchett’s novel of the same name, season two will be an entirely new story. After Season 2 was announced in July 2021, Gaiman took old ideas that he and Pratchett didn’t include in their novel and used them for Season 2 of the adaptation.

“Terry is no longer here, but when he was, we talked about what we wanted to do with Good Omens and where the story was going to go next,” Gaiman said in a press release at the time. “And now, thanks to BBC Studios and Amazon, I can take you there. I recruited some wonderful collaborators and John Finnemore came aboard to carry the torch with me. There are so many questions people have asked about what happened next (and also what happened before) with our favorite Angel and Demon. Here are the answers you’ve been waiting for. We are back in Soho, and across time and space, solving a mystery, which begins with an angel wandering Soho, with no memory.”

Is there a trailer for the second season of ‘Good Omens’?

Prime Video released the first teaser, which you can watch above, for Season 2 in June, revealing that the central mystery will revolve around the angel Gabriel. A second peek dropped the same month, featuring a half-naked Gabriel revealing that “something terrible” might happen to him – he just can’t remember what.

When was the second season of ‘Good Omens’ filmed?

After the second season was greenlit in June 2021, the show began filming in Scotland in November of that year, ending in March 2022.

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