Every time John Stamos criticized ‘Full House’, Costars

Every time John Stamos criticized ‘Full House’, Costars
Every time John Stamos hit Full House:Costars Mary-Kate:Ashley Olsen Jodie Sweetin 254

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Despite his retrospective love for the beloved sitcom, John Stamos is the first to admit that he “couldn’t handle” some of his younger peers in Full house.

The actor – who played perfectly coiffed Uncle Jesse on the hit ABC show for eight seasons – was candid about his troubles with mary-kate It is Ashley Olsen (who shared the dual role of his youngest niece, Michelle Tanner) and Jodie Sweetin (middle daughter Stephanie Tanner) during the series’ run.

On a July 2023 episode of “Hot Ones”, Stamos recalled joining the show as “the star” who had just come out of her dramatic arousal. general hospital.

“While they’re casting, I’m like, ‘They’re spending too much time casting these kids who are going to be in the background,’” he joked at the time, admitting he was jealous of the laughs Sweetin got at the table’s first read.

Stamos even had the Olsen twins temporarily fired after one of them couldn’t stop “screaming” during a scene.

“[Dave Coulier] and I was changing the baby. We’re carrying the baby down, I think it was holding its armpits and Dave was holding its little feet,” Stamos recalled in Josh Peck‘s “Good Guys” podcast in April 2023. “We took her into the kitchen and hosed her down, put a fan on her, wrapped her in paper towels. She was screaming. They both wanted to be anywhere but there, and so did I.

However, these headline moments were far from the only time Stamos discussed his Full house define fights. Keep scrolling for more:

Uncle Jesse calls ‘Bulls-t’ on Mary-Kate and Ashley

Stamos was upset when the Olsen twins declined to reprise their role as Michelle on the series. Full house spin off, Fuller Housewhich ran on Netflix from 2016 to 2020.

“I call the bulls -t,” Stamos tweeted in 2015 after Mary-Kate and Ashley claimed they weren’t contacted by Stamos to return. Years later, however, he confessed his emotions – and revealed that he and the stylists reconnected after Bob Saget’s death.

“When I did Fuller House they didn’t want to go back. And I was angry for a minute. And it got out,” he recalled on a May 2023 episode of the “And This Is What You REALLY Missed” podcast. “But they were, like, ‘We loved our childhood. We love being with you. We miss Bob. They came to my house. They brought out a pork chop and sage. I don’t know why, but thanks It was a frozen pork chop so it was really good. So we got really close.”

Despite the reconciliation, Stamos threw shade at Mary-Kate when explaining why he dissuaded Peck from approaching her at Saget’s funeral in January 2022.

“Mary-Kate, God bless her, would have — you would have walked away disappointed,” Stamos explained on Peck’s “Good Guys” podcast at the time. “Just at that moment because of everything that was going on, but also, she would have said, ‘Yeah, OK, can you light my cigarette?’”

However, Stamos brought Peck to Mary-Kate, reminding her that they starred the crazy together — “which was even worse,” Peck joked.

Every time John Stamos hit Full House:Costars Mary-Kate:Ashley Olsen Jodie Sweetin 257

Ashley Olsen, John Stamos, Mary-Kate Olsen. Lorimar/Warner Bros/Kobal/Shutterstock

Wanting to fire Mary-Kate and Ashley

After a particularly tough take with the Olsen twins — who were 11 months old at the time — Stamos broke up.

“I said, ‘This is not going to work, guys,’ and I screamed 10 times. I said, ‘Get rid of them, I can’t work like this,’” he recalled on the “Good Guys” podcast in April 2023. The show “got rid of them” and replaced the young actresses with “two red-haired kids… [who] they weren’t attractive.

He joked, “I said, ‘Bring the Olsens back, those kids are terrible! It was a day or so, we tried it with the other kids, it didn’t work.”

(The Olsens returned and played Michelle for the entire run of the OG show.)

Every time John Stamos hit Full House:Costars Mary-Kate:Ashley Olsen Jodie Sweetin 255
Lorimar/Warner Bros/Kobal/Shutterstock

Being Overshadowed by Jodie

Stamos initially had it with Sweetin before realizing – in a very Tanner way – what Sweetin’s heart was. Full house it was all about.

“Jodie Sweetin, who plays Stephanie, reads her lines and people crack up. I mean, screaming,” he recalled on “Hot Ones” in July 2023. “I was like, ‘What’s going on here?’ You couldn’t even hear my lines, they were laughing so hard at her. And I’m like, slinking in my seat like this.”

After scouring to find rooms to call his agent from a payphone – “Get me off that show!” Stamos remembered saying – he finally swallowed his pride and came to the conclusion that he didn’t need to be the star.

“I struggled with this for a long time and then I finally said, ‘What am I doing?’ … There was no central character in that show, I realised. The central character was love.”

John Stamos had a ‘really tough time’ on set

At an October 2022 meeting with CBS Sunday morning, Stamos has spoken about his struggles on the sitcom. “I’m not going to lie, it was really hard. A lot of it was. Because it just wasn’t where I saw myself,” he explained. “The reviews were like, ‘This show won’t last until Thanksgiving.’ And now, I’m so proud of it. I’m really glad I did this show.”

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