EA Sports FC 24 Release Date Official FIFA Mobile Gameplay Trailer Pre-Order Pricing

EA Sports FC 24 Release Date Official FIFA Mobile Gameplay Trailer Pre-Order Pricing

EA Sports FC 24, the highly anticipated successor to FIFA 23, will be released on September 29th for multiple platforms including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. The new installment focuses on delivering an authentic football experience and introduces exciting gameplay innovations. Three key technological advancements stand out: HyperMotion V, improved PlayStyles, and a completely revamped Frostbite engine. However, the list of new features does not end there. Get ready to welcome elite female players to Ultimate Team, create unique versions of female players through Evolutions, and take advantage of cross-play features in Clubs and Volta Football to play alongside friends across platforms of the same generation.

It should be noted that this would be EA Sports’ first football sim since it split from the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, or FIFA, last year. While FC 24 has official affiliation with the UEFA Champions League, it remains to be seen how the separation from FIFA will affect the overall experience.

Here’s a quick look at the game’s new official trailer:

Let’s explore what’s new in EA Sports FC 24:

HyperMotion V

HyperMotion technology uses volumetric data collected from over 180 professional matches, allowing the creation of realistic animations. The use of motion capture suits is no longer necessary as cameras in stadiums capture the movements of the team and players during the match. This data is then used to produce authentic animations in EA Sports FC 24, ensuring your favorite football players move in-game exactly as they would on the real pitch. The technology also calculates ball physics, utilizing adaptive AI to provide realistic mid-air and rebound movement. Football players’ hand movements can be recorded using a glove and accurately reproduced in the game.


Individual PlayStyles bring each player’s distinctive movement and ball control to life. Real match data collected from sources like Opta optimizes the unique skills of footballers on the virtual pitch. PlayStyles unlock a variety of actions for attackers and defenders, including powerful shots and skillful dribbling like the rubber band. Some players even own PlayStyles+ moves, showcasing their exceptional skills as the best in their class.

frostbite engine

The revamped Frostbite engine delivers unrivaled realism in EA Sports FC 24. AI Sapient technology provides anatomically correct bodies with authentic proportions and fluid animations. The GPU Cloth feature recreates highly detailed clothing, allowing muscles to be visible under the fabric and shirts to move realistically. The new lighting feature enhances contrast and detail, creating an incredibly realistic stadium atmosphere. The Elevated Matchday Experience features dynamic intros, giving viewers a glimpse into the changing rooms, warm-ups and teams taking the field.

Ultimate Team with women’s soccer stars

EA Sports FC 24 brings together male and female players on the same field for the first time. In Ultimate Team, players can choose from over 1600 players, including icons and heroes from the history of women’s football. Build your dream team of men and women, creating a truly unique fantasy eleven.


For the first time, players can create a unique version of their favorite player. Through Evolutions, players can select skilled individuals, complete specific challenges, and permanently improve their ranks, individual skills, playstyles, and even change the color and animation of their player item.

New features in career mode, clubs and Volta Football

Career Mode and Clubs introduce new features for players and managers. As a player, you will be supported by a players agent who will recommend transfers and help you achieve your career goals. As a manager, you have more tactical strategies to choose from, assistant coaches to appoint, and the ability to watch matches from the sidelines or follow a star player during the action. Clubs and Volta Football also return, now offering cross-play compatibility for the first time, allowing players on different platforms (of the same generation) to compete against each other.

With updated commentary, league seasons in Clubs, a redesigned Home menu and more features waiting to be discovered, EA Sports FC 24 is ready to wow fans when it launches on September 29th.

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