Children of Oscar De La Hoya in Estrangement

Children of Oscar De La Hoya in Estrangement
Featured Jacob De La Hoya Instagram Jacob Devon and Atiana De La Hoya break up with father Oscar The Golden Boy Takeaways

Jacob De La Hoya, Oscar De La Hoya, Atiana De La Hoya and Devon De La Hoya. Courtesy of Jacob De La Hoya/Instagram

oscar de la hoyaolder children – Jacob, Devon It is Atiana — are beyond heartfelt as they discuss their absent father in part 2 of their new documentary, The golden boy.

The retired boxer welcomed his two eldest children with different women in 1998 – during his romance with Atiana’s mother, Shanna Moakler. While Jacob’s mother is De La Hoya’s ex-girlfriend Toni AlvaradoDevon was born after De La Hoya had a one-night stand with Angelique McQueen. As De La Hoya’s struggles with substance abuse escalated, he left Moakler for Millie Corretjer in 2000. The couple moved to Puerto Rico, taking in three more children.

“I only saw him once in a while, maybe once a year,” Atiana recalled in the document. “And I remember — I think it must have been fourth grade or something — and we were supposed to have dinner and then go to Color Me Mine because I loved art. And I remember trying to think of, like, what I would say. Like, ‘Am I going to call you dad?’ And I remember going to Color Me Mine and he painted, like, a cheeseburger and I had the cheeseburger in my room for… it’s probably still out there somewhere, to be honest.

Atiana, who is extremely close with her former stepfather Travis Barker, explained that she has heard more about her father than she has seen him. “I think a lot of people knew him better than I did because they watched his career. So my idea of ​​him wasn’t necessarily our relationship, but it was more of who I was told he was,” she said.

Jacob told a similar story. “When I was 7 or 8 I think we went to Chuck E. Cheese or something and then he disappeared for a couple of years,” he said. “He supported me financially, paid for my studies. But other than that, he was no father figure.”

De La Hoya admitted he “left it to the mothers to take care of” Jacob, Devon and Atiana.

“I was going to Big Bear a few times because I know he used to train there. I would see my uncle, my grandfather, my father and Millie. [They’d say]’These are your stepbrothers, you know, say hi,'” Jacob detailed. “[Millie] it was very family oriented and she wanted to bring everyone together and have everyone have that relationship with their dad. But I probably felt some kind of pain or anger, sadness. My dad – he’s not the greatest communicator. His feelings were his feelings and, you know, they don’t mean a thing. You move on and get over it.”

Atiana De La Hoya Instagram Jacob Devon and Atiana De La Hoya break up with father Oscar The Golden Boy Takeaways
Courtesy of Atiana De La Hoya/Instagram

De La Hoya revealed that Corretjer didn’t even know Devon existed until she read about her husband having two children in the media. “I think she found out about Devon from a gossip magazine. She was upset. It was not a pleasant conversation, to say the least,” she confessed.

Devon, for his part, said that his dad was just “the TV guy” and that he watched it on YouTube.

“My mother tells me stories about the struggle when he was knocked down. And I was screaming and crying because I thought he died,” Devon said. “He lifted me through a screen, almost. It’s just hard, [like], ‘You’re going out with your other kids, why not me?’ Kids would say I’m just a rotten, spoiled brat whose father is Oscar De La Hoya. [They’d say], ‘You have everything you want in this world.’ I had nothing”.

Devon, who lived in Las Vegas with his mother, became interested in boxing as something he could “latch onto” to get “that connection” with his father. “It was almost like I knew him. But he didn’t know anything about me, ”he said. “I was just confused. What’s holding you back?

De La Hoya’s explanation for not knowing Devon when he was growing up was that “time passes” and things “get messy”.

“Then I’m like, ‘Ah fk. Let me just go back and focus on the one thing that makes me happy and that’s being in the ring and fighting,’” he said before admitting he was “scared” of confronting his past.

After 16 years, Devon – who noted that his mother had tried to reach De La Hoya through his team and lawyers – reached out to his father via Instagram.

Jacob Devon and Atiana De La Hoya break up with their father Oscar The Golden Boy Takeaways 3
Jim Smeal/Shutterstock

“I said, ‘Hey, you know, now’s the time. I grew up enough to understand. … Let’s just be the bigger man and get it over with.’ I met him when I was 16,” Devon said, recalling meeting his father at a Mexican restaurant in a private room at the MGM. “He came in through the back door. And I saw it and I started to cry. … The emotions running through my body were only sad, happy – the whole nine. But also angry. I just wanted to hug him, but also, you know, I just wanted to punch him in the face. But I just held him as tight as I could and didn’t want to let go.

De La Hoya called the situation his biggest regret. “When I first saw him, all I saw in his eyes was the pain I caused,” he said. “It killed me.”

Though they didn’t grow up together, Jacob, Devon, and Atiana eventually bonded.

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Jacob De La Hoya Instagram Jacob Devon and Atiana De La Hoya break up with their father Oscar The Golden Boy Takeaways

Atiana, Devon and Jacob De La Hoya. Courtesy of Jacob De La Hoya/Instagram

Devon recalled that Jacob was on the same trip: “I was in my hotel room and my brother knocked on my door. He was like, ‘Hey bro.’ And we just embraced it.”

“I developed a close relationship with my younger brother Devon and Atiana,” Jacob added. “Looking at it now, we’ve all been struggling with the same things, something we can relate to.”

Atiana acknowledged that “they all grew up very differently”, but they have a lot in common. “I guess what I didn’t expect was how similar we all are. We are the same three people,” she said.

“We tell each other all the time how much we love each other,” explained Devon, who now works at Golden Boy with De La Hoya. “We, more than our father, take care of each other.”

Atiana De La Hoya Instagram 03 Jacob Devon and Atiana De La Hoya break up with their father Oscar The Golden Boy Takeaways

Atiana and Oscar De La Hoya Courtesy of Atiana De La Hoya/Instagram

De La Hoya concluded that he was a “coward” who wished his mother were alive to guide him when his older children were born. “She would have reminded me, ‘Son, that child is your priority right now. Fk boxing. Jacob, Devon and Atiana, those are your championship belts. These are your gold medals,’” he said.

Jacob, Devon, and Atiana noted that their relationships with De La Hoya are still “rocky” amidst their drinking problems. The brothers recalled calling their dad on an embarrassing drunken Instagram Live in recent years.

“There is no one in his life who is going to say no to him,” Atiana said. “We are the only people who can do this. … He asked for forgiveness and also made it clear that he will try to do better. It’s the best thing anyone could ask for.”

Jacob Devon and Atiana De La Hoya break up with their father Oscar The Golden Boy Takeaways 2

Oscar De La Hoya and Atiana De La Hoya Picture Perfect/Shutterstock

Atiana’s mother, Moakler, also appeared in the document.

“Actually, he and I went to dinner not too long ago,” Moakler said. “He said, ‘You know, you didn’t deserve this. I am truly sorry for humiliating and hurting you. And it was heartfelt and it was like I got, like, that glimpse of a friend back and I haven’t seen him since he left. … But I still think he’s a work in progress.

Parts 1 and 2 of The golden boy are streaming now on Max.

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