Bachelorette Charity apparently fires at Nick Viall

Bachelorette Charity apparently fires at Nick Viall

Lawson Charity apparently is shooting back at Nick Viall following your last single recap.

“Maybe it’s time we stopped getting dating advice from unqualified TV personalities who like to hit women for views 🤷🏾‍♀️,” Charity, 27, wrote via Threads on Thursday, July 20. Sharing her statement via Instagram Stories, Charity added: “Misogynistic men: now that’s disgusting behavior.”

While Charity didn’t tag Nick, several fans responded to the post suggesting that she was referring to the former bachelor, who has written an advice book and gives dating tips on her “Viall Files” podcast. During the Tuesday, July 18 episode of her show, Nick, 42, recapped the Monday, July 17 episode of the ABC series and called Charity a “fk boy magnet.”

“I love how Charity pretended for the guys like it was her decision. [to send Brayden home] all the while being so completely shaken. ‘I’m so confident about the decision,'” Nick said on Tuesday’s episode while impersonating Charity. “You’re just spiraling, Charity. Charity loves a boy fk.

Before Brayden said goodbye to Charity, the contestant claimed that the therapist was “always on” during filming. Nick, for his part, felt there was some “truth” to Brayden’s comments.

“As a leader, it’s like you have two jobs. One: filming a TV show — which is actually #1 — and two is falling in love,” he revealed. “It’s like an unspoken agreement between the lead and the producers. ‘Listen, we have two things we have to do in the next eight weeks, we have to film a good TV show and we want you to fall in love and we really want both to happen.’ Nine times out of ten, they can work in unison, but for an unprofessional lead, so to speak, trying to do both is too obvious to the cast members. Every bachelor and bachelorette has done it. I’m pretty sure I was guilty of that. It’s like you can see them playing a role.”

Nick went on to point out that John – who went home in the episode – had a strong physical connection with Charity. Before his departure, the pair were “making out a lot”. Nick later claimed that if Charity was kissing the men instead of talking to them, then she didn’t see them as her potential life partner.

'Bachelorette' charity apparently fires at Nick Viall for 'bashing women over views'

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“It’s almost a negative if all you’re doing is kissing, it means the two of you have nothing to talk about or the protagonist isn’t interested in getting to know you,” Nick said in the episode. “It’s the conversations that really drive relationships.”

As Nick made claims about Charity’s dating patterns, he gave her props to show growth during a one-on-one date with Xavier.

“She had the self-awareness to know that [a relationship with Xavier] it was dangerous for her,” he recalled. “The fact that she wants to sit back and still question him and her past relationships shows that her growth coming out of that [mindset of] usually attracted to very handsome and potential boys.

While Nick praises Charity for being hesitant to move forward with Xaiver, he thinks it doesn’t matter as he predicts the couple will be together by the end of the show.

“At the end of the day, she’s not going to meet these guys. No matter how long she stays with any one of them – she will only know the tip of the iceberg with any one of these men, but she can trust her eyes,” he noted. “And her eyes say she wants to fuck Xavier more.”

Despite his criticisms of Charity and its season, Nick confessed that he was “hanging out” as the Bachelorette.

“She’s more vulnerable than I thought she would be,” he said. “I thought that her background in psychology would make her a little more…cautious and reserved…and have the emotional maturity, like, to convince herself of the limit and not be so generous in exposing her weaknesses. She has been very generous in that regard.”

the single airs on ABC on Mondays at 8:00 pm ET.

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