5 reasons to buy the Samsung Crystal 4K series now

5 reasons to buy the Samsung Crystal 4K series now

Samsung has recently launched its Crystal 4K and 4K Pro UHD TV series, featuring unparalleled picture quality and stunning design. Here are the top five reasons why you should buy one now!

1. Billion true color display

The high-tech screen gives you the best possible viewing experience, no matter what you’re watching. Its Crystal 4K Display with one billion true colors ensures optimized color expression so you can see every detail, 4K UHD TV goes beyond regular FHD with 4x more pixels and is the right upgrade for anyone looking for cutting-edge technology at affordable prices

What else? It offers smarter contrast and brightness, optimizing the incoming signal so that no matter what type of video you watch, you get an enhanced viewing experience that really stands out. Its support for HDR 10+ means that no matter what you’re watching, you’ll get it in the highest possible quality.

But that is not all. The screen also upscales all the content you’re watching to 4K, giving you crystal-clear video whether you’re watching TV through your DTH box or streaming movies online. The 4K Crystal Processor not only upscales video, but also improves HDR using sophisticated 16-bit color mapping for the best possible results.

2. Design AirSlim

It’s not just about a better display – the new Crystal 4K series is a piece you’ll take home. These televisions follow a new design philosophy that Samsung calls the AirSlim design. Samsung has introduced a new three-sided frameless design that gives the television a smart and modern look.

3. Q-Symphony sound

The Samsung Crystal 4K series not only offers great visuals in a stunning design, but much better sound as well. The high-tech processor behind the video quality can also optimize the sound output by taking into account your viewing environment and the audio you are listening to. This feature is called Adaptive Sound Technology, and it means that the television can intelligently adjust the audio of what you’re watching to give you the best possible sound quality.

That’s not all, as the Samsung Crystal 4K series also has another cool feature that allows the TV’s speakers and the soundbar’s speakers to work together to create better, more resonant surround sound, using Samsung’s Q-Symphony technology with Samsung’s Q-series soundbars.

4. Resources for working from home

Do you want to connect your laptop to the television? We’re all working from home these days and having a big screen to see everything clearly certainly makes life a little easier. With Remote Access, you can even connect to your office PC to access files and work on documents, or use multiple Office 365 tools on your Smart TV — all from the comfort of your couch.

Not only that the Crystal 4k series comes with Tap view which makes mirroring movies or music from your mobile phone to TV as simple as one tap. When you touch the TV with your mobile phone, the TV detects the touch and mirrors automatically. So it’s quick and easy to switch to the TV and continue enjoying your favorite content.computer samsung crystal 4k usa 800 samsung

5. Entertainment center

Samsung also has other cool features that make Crystal 4K televisions a powerful multitasking powerhouse for your home. First up is the Motion Xcelerator feature, which can eliminate motion blur and judder caused by screens that don’t have as good a refresh rate. This leads to “ghost” image overlays that take away from the clarity of what you are watching. Motion Xcelerator works by reducing afterimages, making watching sports and other high-action videos (like playing video games on PlayStation or Xbox) clearer and better.

Second, Crystal 4K Pro models come equipped with built-in support for Alexa and Bixby. Quickly access content, get answers and even control your TV with the help of built-in voice assistants.

And that’s not all you get to enjoy free live TV content with Samsung virtual channels – Samsung TV plus. It lets you choose from a variety of channels offering content for all interests in the trends that are currently hot.

Now that you know some of the best reasons to own a Samsung Crystal 4K TV, order one now to take advantage of some amazing deals and enjoy easy EMIs.

Depending on your preference and budget, you can choose between 43 inches, 50 inches, 55 inches and 65 inches in Samsung Crystal 4K and 4K Pro. There’s also an exclusive 58-inch option available in 4K Pro. Prices start from Rs. 37,990. All models can be purchased via Amazon or Flipkart and Samsung.com. So buy online now

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