12 Best ways to Get Quality Backlinks to Your Website

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When we think about SEO of a website, first think which comes in mind. What is the source of getting quality backlinks. In this article I am telling you 12 ways through which you can get quality backlinks.

12 best ways to get quality backlinks in 2020

What are backlinks?

A backlink is an external link which is pointing from one website to another. Backlinks are probably one of the important seo factors. A backlink is created when an external website link to your website.

In this image you can see website B, website C, and website D are providing link to website A. in this website A is getting backlinks from these websites.

It is not easy to get quality backlinks, to do so you have to look on following things in your website.

When you search on Google about baklinks, there you will find lot of websites which are selling backlinks in bulk. But never buy backlinks from these sites because google can easily find out that these are organic or not.

SEO is mainly divided into two parts onpage seo and offpage seo. And backlinks comes in offpage seo.

In 2012, Google launched Penguin update to identify the websites which are using spam or paid links. And all the websites which are using these techniques were thrown like a stone from to pages.

How to get backlinks is one of the effective SEO trick. It also helps you to increase organic search traffic. Important thing is to get quality backlinks instead of quantity.

Most important thing about backlinks is, always look for quality not for quantity.

Link building is one of the important factors of all search engines to identify how trust worthy a website is. Google and other search engine think, more websites links pointing to a website is the signal of its reputation.

So backlinks increases its credibility and it helps that website to rank higher in search results.

Backlink is most important factor to rank your website higher in search results. It helps your website to get organic traffic. But to get backlinks is not easy task. You cannot beg or borrow quality backlinks to increase your domain authority.

But if you want to get quality backlinks you must follow these tricks. These will defiantly help you to achieve your goals.

these are the 12 best ways to get quality backlinks in 2020 to your website.

Here are 12 ways to get quality backlinks:

Guest posting

Guest posting is like writing a post for someone else and in return you will get a backlink. It is a popular link building method, where both get benefits. One gets the content to share on his website and other get a backlink.

It is the most effective to reach new audiences. If you write an article on a popular site, you will get lot of user to read your article. In this way you get your content in front of new users. If you are a good writer then you can win their hearts. Guest posting increase your followers on social media.

Guest posting makes a relationship with new audience. And if like your post, they will sure visit your website in future.

Some people think that guest posting is waste of time but one thing you should understand that backlinks are most important to rank your website. Guest posting help you to get a high quality backlinks. And these links can increase your ranking and also increase your domain authority.

There many popular website which allow for guest posting some of them are







Broken link building

It is important to maintain your links. Even the most popular website are suffering from this.

When website content is moved around, at that time some of the links brack down. This time when someone clicks on that link, it will show 404 errors on result page. And the user will think that the content they are looking for is no longer exist.

This makes a poor user interface and Google start decreasing your ranking.

To overcome this problem always maintains your website up to date. And build the broken links.

To build broken link, contact the website owner and inform him that a link is broken and give him a link and he will change it for you. And in this way you will get a new backlink.

You can use Ahrefs broken link checker to know about you links.


Now infographics is also important for Seo of a website. It is one of the important ways to bring traffic to your website.

12 Best ways to Get Quality Backlinks

It increases the credibility of your website and brings the backlinks to your website. Infographics are easy to understand. If you are a good writer, it is a great thing. But you should use graphs to make your user understand all the things easily.

In many survey it is clear that content with graphs and charts have more share. So try to use graphs and chart to make it easy for the users.

When you are writing on any topic, first collect all the information about that and make a graph on that and tell about all the categories in it.

Infographics present information in visual form and increase your shares on social media. First make a idea about your article and after that make note on it. Then you can hire a person who can make graph on your information. And you can also use a tool Piktochart to do it yourself.

If a make a world class infographics and it become popular in future it can you to get lot of backlinks without any work.

Build Internal Links

Internal links are also very important for your website. It is very easy and beneficial for your website to increase traffic.

Internal links passes link juice to your other posts. It increases the user experience because he can navigate from on article to another without searching it. And make the user to remain on your website; it helps in decreasing the bounce rate of your website.

If a user is clicking on other links related to the search query then he can click on that and it help him in saving time. It also helps in increasing the dwell time of your website.

And all these things help you to increase your search results rankings.

So it is advice to give maximum number of internal links. But they should not more then 100, because it can decrease the user experience.

If you are using wordpress then there are some tools which can help you to make internal link automatically. But it is advice not to use these tools, make your own internal links.

Find Competitor Backlinks

Daily millions of posts are uploaded on web. If you want to rank your website higher in search results, you must be aware about your competitors marketing methods.

If you want to get more organic traffic, and want to rank higher then you should find what the sources of backlinks of your competitor are.

You have to find out which key words they are working, and from which websites they are getting backlinks. You have to spy on your competitors with different tools

First follow their page on social media because when they write any new blog post on their website, they will defiantly share it on social media. This will help you to find out what articles they are writing on.

It gives an idea about the websites which are following them and you will also know about their audience.

If they are giving any newsletter then subscribe to their website or sign up for any new news. You will get email from them when they post any new article.

Another way to spy your competitor is to use tools. And one of my favorite tools to find out my competitors backlinks is Monitor Backlinks. this is a great tool and you should defiantly use to keep an eye on your competitor backlinks.

In this tool you can add 4 competitors on which you want to spy. This tool gives you all the information’s about new links made last week and from which websites.

Skyscraper Content

Skyscraper method helps you to build backlinks from high authority websites. If you make a high quality, and valuable page then it will surely help you to get links.

Writing skyscraper content may be time consuming, but one thing you should understand writing small articles with low quality will never rank weather you write daily 2-3 articles. But if you write a valuable post of more than 2000 to 3000 words will defiantly rank.

Give complete information in depth. Make your article looks good because most of the people see the website design. If a user likes the interface of that page he will defiantly read that article. But if he doesn’t like the design of that web page, he will bounce back from that website.

So always try to write in details with great images and infographics. When you are writing a article keep these things in mind.

In that article give all the information in depth. Before writing the article do complete research on that after that analysis and make a report.

After making a report you can start writing on it. And the final thing is to promotion of that article. If you have written a valuable post then you must promote it on all the platforms.

Contact bloggers and journalists

Backlinks are most important for ranking your website, for doing this you have to apply all tricks. Next thing is to contact with other bloggers of your niche.

Always try to get backlinks from websites which are working on your categories. To contact them, email them to give you a link on their website. Results of these emails are very low but you should not stop.

You can contact on social media or on LinkedIn.

You should also try to find some journalists who are working in the same field. For example you are writing blogs on sports then the journalist field should be same.

Journalists write in that field and if he give you one link of your website in his post can make lots of difference. News paper website has very high domain authority, and the link they provide will also increase your domain value. And will think that this website is trust worthy.

Websites like education departments or university website have high domain authority. Government websites also have very high domain authority; if you get links from these websites, they will defiantly increase your ranking.

Promote your Content

The most important thing for the success of any blog is promotion. If you don’t promote it properly then you will not get result, which your post deserves.

If you have written an awesome content it would be useless without proper promotion. Now a day’s, there are lots of platform to promote your article. There are lots of free or paid ways of promotion.

First discuses about Google adwords, this is a tool where you can advertise your website on your targeted keywords. This is best for new website because they can highlight there website to world and increase their traffic in beginning. This would bring targeted audience to your website.

Next thing is to share it on Facebook. It is the easiest and most popular way of promoting a website. It is free to share post on it, so it can be very beneficial. It also has paid advertisement campaign.

The prices of facebook advertisement compain are very low you can start with only 40 rupees per day. It is the cheapest way of advertisement.

Google+ is also a best way to promote your website. It helps your website to rank better in Google search results. It helps your website to scroll better to index it better.

There are many other ways also like twitter, instagram, snapchat, LinkedIn etc

Make Good Public Relation

If you want to become a successful blogger or want to increase your traffic then you must have good relation with other bloggers

Backlinks are one of the most important factors of ranking on search engine. If you have good relations with other website owners then you can exchange backlinks from each other. This is one of best strategy to rank higher for both the website.

To make good relations, you should comments on their articles and them that you are also having so and so website.

Also make good relations with journalists; they can be very helpful to you to get backlinks. They can easily give your website links in their posts. And we know that news paper websites have very high domain authority.

So if you get backlinks from these websites then it would be very beneficial for your website.

Always try to get backlinks from the websites which are in your niche. And same thing is applicable for news paper also; the article in which your website link is given should be related to your website category.

Create quality content

Quality content is most important thing to get backlinks. if you are writing unique content with great outlook of your post then there are more chances of getting organic backlinks.

These backlinks are free of cost and you don’t have to beg for that links. You should always try to write unique and give the depth detail of that topic.

This increases your website branding and people start giving links of your articles on their website.

When you start any website, don’t think of earning though it in beginning. You should think of making brand of that website. If you get success in your goal then you can easily earns lots of money in future.

In 2018, we see top website traffic decrease because Google is now giving preference to high quality content. You write a content which is of high quality, with suitable images and graphs, and then there are more chances of ranking it.

Now there are many tools which can helps you to make infographics. It is the best way to make your website looks attractive. And it makes all the things simple for your users.

Give testimonial

Every company wants to hear great things about themselves. And they love to see the testimonial about their website and products.

If you write something good then always want to show that to the audience. These types of practices help them to get a good reputation in market. Positive reviews give positive value of their website.

If you write testimonial about any website they will defiantly provide your website link on their website and it helps you to get backlinks.

All the big companies give an option of feedback on their website and ask them about their experience. If you write something extraordinary then they will defiantly show your review.

It is a good way to get backlinks from other website. If you write testimonial on your website about other website then they will defiantly provide your website link on their website. And show their audiences what other think about them.

So make a habit of giving testimonials of other websites to get backlinks from them.

Comments on Other Articles

This is also a great way to get links with other websites. When we visit a website a read a article, and if you have also written related to that article then you can give link of your website.

This helps you to link your website with that website. It also increases your traffic.

When someone see your link and click on that and visit your website, it increase you traffic. It is the best way to bring audience to your website.

Traffic of website is directly related to the value of your website. If you make your website important then users will automatically visit your website.


Backlinks remains the one of the important factor to rank better in search engine. But getting quality backlinks may be challenging.

In this article, I have explained about various techniques though which you can make backlinks. To get right backlinks you must implement right methods otherwise there will be no use.

If you build any backlink then maintaining that backlink is also equally important task. So to keep an eye on your backlinks. There are many free and paid tools in the market. I suggest you to use tools like Ahrefs, or Majestic and free tool uber suggest.

Please tell in comments, how do you build your backlinks?

If you like this article then shares it on social media with your friends and colleagues. If you think something is missing in this article then you can comment below and give your suggestion.

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